6 Tasteless Clothes That It’s Best To Get Rid Of (Even If They’re Trendy)

Fashion is very diverse and some garments that were considered awful a few years ago it can conquer the world next season. However, there are some trends that we would like to forget as they are neither pretty nor useful.

We’ve rounded up the blandest things we should throw away.

Claw clips “jewelry”

Although several headbands from the 90s are back in style, we recommend that you forget about some accessories from the time. Claw clips decorated with rhinestones and painted in gold and silver colors can destroy your style and make it tasteless and strange.

What can you use instead?

Wear a loose ponytail, bun, or pigtails, or just let your hair down. As for accessories, you can use a circular pin or any other geometrically shaped pin. You can also use hair clips or a simple hair tie.

synthetic cord

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Lace is considered very feminine. In 2020, she once again ranked number one in the fashion world. But the quality of famous designer items differs dramatically from the quality of clothing in ordinary stores. Cheap lace made of synthetic fabrics looks more gentle than romantic.

What can you use instead?

You can buy high-quality fabric and have a tailor create what you need. If you are not ready to spend money and time on this, then choose clothes made of simple and soft materials.

Hidden platform sneakers

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Isabella Marant The creation is not suitable for running or exercising and its beauty is highly questionable. The only advantage these shoes have is that they make you a few inches taller.

What can you use instead?

Try bulky models with thick soles. These shoes look stylish enough to be worn with almost any type of clothing: be it jeans or a beautiful dress. And these shoes will also add a few inches to your height!

acrylic sweaters

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A big disadvantage of acrylic sweaters is that they contain chemical additives that do not keep you warm, so there is no point in wearing such a sweater.

What can you use instead?

Cashmere sweaters are really warm and durable. You can also buy wool sweaters that contain a small percentage of synthetic fabric.

Long polyester skirt

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Long skirts are always in style and popular, as long as you choose the right fabrics. Polyester looks tasteless and cheap. Even if you wear this skirt with a T-shirt or blouse, your image will be very mediocre.

What can you use instead?

Choose a long skirt made of linen, jeans or natural silk.

summer boots

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Even though these boots are on the anti-trend list, a lot of people still buy them and still wear them. Summer boots look great without shorts or skirts. You can save them in your memory and that’s it.

What can you use instead?

Choose slip-ons as they will look great with jeans or linen clothing and long skirts.

Do you agree that these articles are out of date or should we try them out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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