Celeste Developer Shares Update on New Game Earthblade

Celeste developer Extremely OK Games has shared a new update on its upcoming video game, Earthblade. Initially described as a “2D explor-action” video game when first revealed last year, not much has been shared since then. According to the latest update, which is largely about formally playtesting Earthbladethe team hopes to release the title at some point in 2023 after some kind of beta test that will likely be private.

“We suspect that we’ll want the playtest frequency to increase as we progress further, as the changes we’re making become more granular and a higher feedback interval becomes more valuable to really finetune everything into its final form,” states Extremely OK Games ‘ Maddy Thorson in the latest EXOK newsletter. “All told, it feels like we’re close to what we’d call ‘full content production mode’ on Earthblade. Our hope is that we can make most or all of the game’s content this year, and then release in 2023 after some For now though we came into this month with some big changes to the game’s foundation and we’re gearing up for the sprint to the next playtest. “

According to the update, the team is currently playingtesting Earthblade roughly once a month with friends. The weeks leading up to the playtest become a sprint to put in as much as they can in order to make the most of the new playtest, though Extremely OK Games is clear that this is being done without overtime in an effort to apply “juuuust the right amount of pressure for magic to occur.”

At this point, the exact release date and even platforms for Earthblade have not been announced. The latest update indicates that the team’s goal is to release in 2023 following some kind of beta after finishing most or all of the game’s content this year. It seems fair to assume that Earthblade will release on PC given the history of Celeste before arriving on modern consoles. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming video game right here.

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