DaniLeigh Apologizes Again For Her Controversial ‘Yellow Bone’ Song: ‘It Was Really Ignorant’

DaniLeigh sat down with Power 105’s Angie Martinez to discuss co-parenting with rapper DaBaby, their November Instagram incident and the backlash she received for her song “Yellow Bone.”

During the interview, DaniLeigh issued another apology for the track, calling the moment a horrible mistake.

In the clip that has gone viral, DaniLeigh tells Martinez that the song was “a mistake” and a “learning lesson” for her.

“It was definitely a learning lesson for me; I just want to say to everyone I am super sorry. It just was a mistake; I am a Dominican woman,” DaniLeigh said. “I have a family who are dark-skinned, my daughter is a black girl, to even speak on skin tone I realize how messed up that is now.”

Martinez asked the singer if she knew the song might have been problematic; DaniLeigh said she did not know, but she didn’t write the song to praise women with light-colored skin.

“I didn’t have no idea,” DaniLeigh said. “But I don’t think I wrote the song intentionally to be like to praise light skins or anything, I just think I wasn’t really thinking, it was really like ignorant.”

DaniLeigh released the song last year and was immediately blasted with colorist accusations online.

While some of the social media community quickly pointed out the colorism and anti-Black content in the song, others speculated that the song was a diss track towards one of DaBaby’s baby mothers.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, DaniLeigh first doubled down for her song, asking why can’t she make a song for her “light-skinned baddies,” noting that there were plenty of other songs praising other skin tones.

“Why can’t I make a song for my light-skinned baddies ?? Why y’all think I’m hating on other colors when there are millions of songs speaking on all types,” DaniLeigh said. “why y’all are so sensitive & take it personal … gahhh damn.”

The singer retracted and issued an apology on her Instagram account, apologizing for not being sensitive enough towards colorism.

“It wasn’t something that I looked at deeply,” DaniLeigh said. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t sensitive to the topic…. I definitely feel misunderstood.”

However, some felt her apology wasn’t sincere, especially since she cited her relationship with a “chocolate man” as to why she isn’t racist.

After the release of her interview with Martinez, DaniLeigh released a new songallegedly towards her child’s father, DaBaby.

The single “Dead To Me,” refers to multiple things that can be assumed to be aimed at the rapper, including the fact that her brother wants to fight him.

“Momma never liked your ass,” DaniLeigh sings. “Brother wanna fight your ass; Daddy hate your trifllin’ ass.”

DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, wanted to fight DaBaby and had the opportunity to at a bowling alley in February. However, Bills was jumped by DaBaby and his crew, which left him bloody.

The song follows an altercation that took place between the singer and the rapper back in November. As a result, DaBaby kicked her and their daughter out of the house during the Instagram live and called the cops. DaniLeigh was charged with two misdemeanor assault charges; however, she feels she’s a better and stronger woman.

DaBaby has since responded to the diss track, setting the record straight on the November 2021 incident.

In an Instagram Live yesterday, DaBaby alleged that DaniLeigh was “stalking” the mother of his daughter, Princess Renny and threw her out of his house after believing she was coming in between him and his daughter.

“I feel like you should tell them, folks, the real reason why I put you out,” DaBaby said. “It’s ’cause you were stalking my other baby mama, and that shit was affecting, you know, the relationship with my Princess, my big girl.”

He went on to call Dani and her Def Jam label out for trying to exploit the situation to generate buzz around her music, but even so, DaBaby feels they waited too long if that was the case.

“I feel like you waited too late,” he said. “I told you back in December that you should capitalize on the situation… Feel like that’s a bad move.”

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