Dying Light 2’s New Game Plus Update Gets Release Date

The long-awaited update for Dying Light 2 that will bring a New Game+ mode to the game finally has a launch date. At the start of this month, developer and publisher Techland promised that “one of the biggest” updates for Dying Light 2 would be coming about at some point in the future. And while the studio previously hadn’t committed to a release date for this patch, we now know when it’s set to roll out across all platforms.

Announced today via a new video, Techland confirmed that the third major patch for Dying Light 2 will release this week on Wednesday, April 27th. The update, which is version 1.3.0 for the game, will notably be adding New Game+, which is far and away the biggest feature that fans have been asking for since DL2 launched in early 2022. In addition, though, the update will also fix problems that have been cropping up with co-op play and will also bring some new endgame content for players to experience.

“In New Game+, players will keep the character progression of their initial adventure, while enjoying many new rewards exclusive to the mood,” Techland described of this new mode for Dying Light 2 in a press release. “Find 30 new inhibitors, well-hidden and testing every ability, to maximize Aiden’s health and stamina. Enemies now scale their challenge to Aiden’s level, but for those seeking more a challenging skirmish, Techland has prepared encounters with golden marks. Those special battles will sorely test even the bravest Pilgrims out with unique enemies and unexpected behavior. And for the ultimate challenge, find the quest ‘Something Big Has Been Here.’ New infected with new attacks await!”

Last but not least, Techland also revealed that this update for Dying Light 2 will specifically be improving the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game in one major way. Specifically, a FOV slider is finally being added to next-gen platforms, which will let players also their in-game perspective. This is a feature that a number of players have also been begging for, so it’s great to see that Techland is listening to what fans want with these DL2 updates.

Are you going to look to play Dying Light 2 once again now that New Game+ is finally being added? Let me know for yourself either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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