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Within the opening moments of Home of the Dragon episode 4, Rhaenyra gently touches the necklace Daemon gave her years in the past as she meets potential suitors on her tour to discover a husband. The lads are lined up able to plead their case to the princess. Rhaenyra appears irritated at having to take heed to males — younger and previous — try and win her favor.

A younger boy named Samwell Blackwood is one in all Rhaenyra’s suitors. The opposite males, together with Amos Bracken, taunt him over his clearly rehearsed speech. Samwell could also be younger, however he’s not above bloodshed. A combat breaks out that leaves Amos dying by the hands of Samwell.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen. (HBO)

Rhaenyra ends her tour early and heads house to King’s Touchdown with Criston. She worries about how her father will settle for her not discovering a husband but. Immediately, Caraxes flies over the ship. Daemon is again.

Daemon Returns To King’s Touchdown

Everybody gathers within the Nice Corridor because the Rogue Prince returns. Daemon has reduce off his lengthy blond hair within the wake of his victory in opposition to the Crabfeeder. He walks as much as the Iron Throne to satisfy his brother, Rhaenyra matching his steps within the crowd.

Viserys asks about Daemon’s crown. Daemon has been named King of the Slim Sea. “However I do know that there’s just one true king, your grace,” Daemon says earlier than kneeling in entrance of his brother. Viserys walks as much as his brother and takes the crown. Daemon seems up at Viserys with “pleading” eyes. Viserys and Daemon hug. “The realm owes you a fantastic debt, brother,” Viserys says. Seemingly all is effectively with the brothers — for now.

On the celebration, Rhaenyra congratulates Daemon on his victory. There’s a clumsy second of silence with Viserys, Alicent, Rhaenyra, and Daemon. Alicent tries to interrupt the ice, however Viserys laughs in her face. Alicent tries to speak to Rhaenyra. She factors out that it’s uncommon for a lady to be ready to have the ability to select her husband. Alicent thinks males preventing over Rhaenyra is sort of romantic.

Rhaenyra says that the thought of being confined to a fort and having to push out heirs just isn’t what she had in thoughts. Alicent feels this approach an excessive amount of. Rhaenyra adjustments the topic and asks how Viserys is taking the information of her not discovering a husband. Alicent is glad Rhaenyra is house. She’s missed Rhaenyra. Now that she is queen, Alicent doesn’t have many buddies. “I’ve missed you, too,” Rhaenyra says.

Rhaenyra Vents To Daemon About Marriage

Later, Rhaenyra finds Daemon standing by the weirwood tree. They communicate in Valyrian. She asks why he actually got here again. He touches the necklace he gave her and says he missed “solely the comforts of house.” She doesn’t let him off that simple.

It’s been 4 years since they final noticed one another. Daemon has seen how Rhaenyra has matured. The topic of marriage comes up. In Valyrian, Daemon tells Rhaenyra that “marriage is simply a political association. As soon as you’re wed, you are able to do as you want.” Rhaenyra thinks marriage is usually a “demise sentence” for girls. Daemon needs that was the case along with his spouse. Rhaenyra jokes that his spouse has been lucky to not have his little one.

Rhaenyra brings up that her mom was made to provide heirs till it killed her. “I received’t topic myself to the identical destiny,” she declares. Daemon replies that Aemma’s demise was a tragedy. “However it is a tragic world. You can’t reside your life in concern, or you’ll forsake one of the best elements of it,” he says softly.

Milly Alcock Matt Smith
Milly Alcock and Matt Smith as Rhaenyra and Daemon. (HBO)

Rhaenyra has “no need” to reside in concern. “Solely solitude,” she says. He thinks that seems like such a “lonely prospect.”

The small council discusses Corlys Velaryon nonetheless being mad about Viserys selecting Alicent over Laena. Apparently, Otto has realized that Corlys has been speaking to the Sealord of Braavos. Corlys plans to wed Laena to the Sealord’s son. If the Velaryons entered an alliance with the Free Cities, Viserys might want to treatment that with a wedding of his personal.

Daemon & Rhaenyra Give Into Their Needs

As Alicent takes care of her screaming child, Rhaenyra heads again to her room. She finds a bag of boys’ garments for her. There’s a map that explains hidden passageways within the Purple Maintain. She will get dressed and heads via the darkish halls. She finds Daemon ready for her. He doesn’t say a phrase. He simply leads her out of the Purple Maintain and into the town under. They stroll the streets collectively making an attempt to maintain a low profile. For the primary time, Rhaenyra witnesses wild partying and intercourse proper in entrance of her eyes. A fortune teller says to her, “Do you want to know your demise, little one?” Immediately, a burst of fireplace will be seen. (For people who know Hearth & Blood, that is some severe foreshadowing.)

Alicent helps give Viserys a shower. She tells the maids to depart as she tends to him. He later requests her presence in his chambers. Alicent doesn’t need to go however is aware of she has to. She simply lies there as Viserys has intercourse together with her.

In the meantime, Daemon and Rhaenyra watch a play that talks concerning the Targaryen succession state of affairs. The gang boos Rhaenyra and a few say she’ll be “feeble” as a queen. This will get beneath her pores and skin. When Daemon tries to speak to her about it, she says that she needs to be freed from the burdens of her inheritance for one evening.

After stealing some meals and working, Daemon chases after Rhaenyra. She runs proper into Ser Harwin Robust. He acknowledges her however lets her go. Daemon catches as much as her, and so they make their approach to a pleasure home. He grabs her hand as they wander via the rooms. She sees all of the pleasure proper at her fingertips. She’s by no means seen something prefer it earlier than.

Daemon and Rhaenyra are out of the blue very, very shut. Daemon explains that this place is “the place individuals come to take what they need.” He tells her that intercourse is pleasure for the girl as a lot as the person. They start to kiss.

“Marriage is an obligation, however it doesn’t cease us from doing what they need,” Daemon says as he and Rhaenyra proceed kissing. “F**king who we would like.” They make their approach over to a wall, and he begins to take off her garments. She places her hand on the wall, and he locations his hand over hers.

Immediately and with out warning, the eagerness stops. She tries to kiss him again, however he backs away. He slams his hand in opposition to the wall and walks off. Rhaenyra is left alone and confused. The guilt of understanding that what he’s doing isn’t proper refuses to go away.

Rhaenyra & Criston Hook Up

As she runs out, a messenger boy follows her. Rhaenyra goes again to her room. Criston is confused and says he’s going to inform the Lord Commander that one thing is up when she opens up her door. She grabs his helmet so he has to return inside. She flirts with him and finally ends up shutting the door. She kisses him and drops his helmet.

Rhaenyra begins to take off her garments. He tries to cease her, however she grabs his hand and leads him deeper inside. She begins to take off his armor. They offer into their ardour. He hesitates for a second and appears again, however his need will get the higher of him. Their lovemaking is intimate and mild. Nevertheless, he’s breaking his oath of chastity.

As that is taking place, the messenger boy comes to speak to Otto. The following morning, Daemon wakes up at Mysaria’s place. He’s hungover. He doesn’t discover the messenger boy bringing Mysaria cash from Otto.

Otto takes the knowledge straight to Viserys. He reveals to Viserys that Rhaenyra was seen at a pleasure home with Daemon. “They have been engaged in behaviors unbecoming of a maiden, of a princess,” Otto says. Viserys needs to know the total particulars, however Otto doesn’t need to inform him. “Daemon and Rhaenyra have been seen collectively within the bowels of a pleasure den… coupling,” Otto says as Alicent overhears every part.

Viserys thinks that is all a lie. Otto defends his supply. Viserys calls for to know who began this gossip, however Otto received’t reveal his supply. Viserys believes that Otto has ulterior motives and desires to “destroy” Rhaenyra’s status to get his blood on the Iron Throne.

Alicent Confronts Rhaenyra Over The Daemon Gossip

Criston enters Rhaenyra’s chambers the subsequent morning with a message from Alicent. Alicent calls for to know what occurred final evening after listening to concerning the “worrying allegations.” Alicent asks Rhaenyra if she was with Daemon. Rhaenyra admits that Daemon took her into the town for some enjoyable, however Alicent needs the total story.

Emily Carey
Emily Carey and Milly Alcock as Alicent and Rhaenyra. (HBO)

Alicent has heard that Rhaenyra “f**ked Daemon in a pleasure home.” A surprised Rhaenyra says that may be a “vile accusation.” Alicent snaps that the Targaryens do have “queer customs.” Rhaenyra cries that Alicent has to imagine her when she says nothing occurred. Alicent says that her father was advised by somebody, and Rhaenyra needs to know who as a result of questioning her advantage is “an act of treason.”

Alicent mentions that Otto has already advised Viserys. She solely needs to assist Rhaenyra. Rhaenrya says that she and Daemon drank within the taverns and stayed out late. “I used to be solely a spectator. I didn’t do something,” Rhaenyra continues. She left when Daemon deserted her for “some whore.”

She tells Alicent, “Daemon by no means touched me. I swear this to you. Upon the reminiscence of my mom.” Rhaenyra’s lie is fairly convincing. Nevertheless, Alicent is clearly torn over what to imagine. She and Viserys simply need to shield Rhaenyra, however this gossip may “smash every part.”

Daemon Asks To Marry Rhaenyra

Daemon makes his approach again to the Purple Maintain. He’s shortly taken to the Nice Corridor. Viserys walks in and confronts Daemon concerning the rumor. “You defiled her,” Viserys says to his little brother. Daemon doesn’t perceive the issue. They screwed all via their youthful years. Viserys factors out that the state of affairs is completely different. Rhaenyra is a lady. “Rhaenyra is a girl grown. Higher her first expertise be with me than some whore,” Daemon says, not denying the gossip.

Viserys seethes, “You might have ruined her! Who will wed her now on this situation?” Daemon doesn’t care what the lords suppose. Viserys is the king. “You’re the dragon. Your phrase is reality and regulation,” Daemon responds. Viserys says he ought to disinherit Rhaenyra and be finished with it.

“Wed her to me. Once I supplied up my crown you stated I may have something. I need Rhaenyra. I’ll take her as she is and wed her within the custom of our home,” Daemon tells his brother. He’s severe about it.

Viserys brings up that Daemon already has a spouse. Daemon mentions that didn’t cease Aegon the Conqueror from taking a second spouse. That units Viserys off. “You’re a plague despatched to destroy me,” Viserys says as he clutches his brother.

Daemon continues to advocate for what he needs. “Give me Rhaenrya to take to spouse, and we’ll return the home of the dragon to its correct glory,” Daemon says. Viserys doesn’t suppose Daemon’s lust is for Rhaenyra, it’s for the Iron Throne. Viserys exiles Daemon from King’s Touchdown as soon as and for all. “As you would like, brother,” Daemon says, with out placing up a combat.

Rhaenyra & Laenor Velaryon Will Wed

Alicent and Viserys speak concerning the Daemon and Rhaenyra scandal. Alicent stresses that it’s “not in Rhaenyra’s nature to be deceitful. I can not say the identical on your brother.” She defends Rhaenyra, however Viserys is torn over who to imagine. “How does confessing to such issues serve him?” he asks. Alicent replies, “By decreasing you.”

Viserys doesn’t suppose Rhaenyra is harmless. Even when she isn’t, Alicent believes it’s solely as a result of Daemon was making an attempt to deprave her. Viserys is effectively conscious that Daemon and Rhaenyra share the blood of the dragon. “They’re stressed and chaotic,” Viserys provides. Alicent says Rhaenyra swore to her that she continues to be a maiden.

Rhaenyra is summoned to her father’s chambers. They discuss Aegon the Conqueror’s prophecy that’s written into the Valyrian metal dagger. “From my blood comes the prince that was promised, and his tune would be the tune of ice and hearth,” Rhaenyra reads.

Viserys tells his daughter that the accountability that he has handed to her and the burden of this information is “larger” than the throne, and her needs may smash it. “The reality doesn’t matter, Rhaenyra. Solely notion,” Viserys says.

Rhaenyra makes a strong level to her father. If she have been a person, she may father a dozen bastards, and it wouldn’t matter. “You’re proper, however you have been born a girl,” Viserys replies. She needs to know if he’s going to strip her of her titles and identify Aegon II as inheritor.

Viserys needs to carry the Realm collectively, not tear it aside. He orders her to marry Laenor Velaryon with out protest. She thinks that is only a ploy to do away with his political complications, however he snaps that she is his solely headache proper now. This marriage will unite the 2 strongest homes. It’s a no brainer.

She really believes that Otto has one thing to do with this scandal. Rhaenyra is aware of that Otto needs Aegon II to be named inheritor, and he “will cease at nothing to see it finished.” Rhaenyra wonders how unity and energy throughout the Realm will be achieved when Otto is so “self-interested.” Viserys says everyone seems to be self-interested on this world. Rhaenyra guarantees to do her obligation and marry Laenor, however she provides Viserys an ultimatum. He has to do away with Otto as his Hand.

Viserys Fires Otto

Viserys doesn’t waste any time making this cope with his daughter. He personally fires Otto himself and does some accusing of his personal. He brings up that his father, Prince Baelon, was on the peak of his talents when he was out of the blue lifeless of a “burst stomach.” After Baelon’s demise, King Jaehaerys made Otto his new Hand. Otto went from having no energy to being the second-most highly effective man in Westeros.

“You’re the man who taught me the way to be king,” Viserys tells Otto. He additionally accuses him of utilizing Alicent as a “calculated distraction” after Aemma’s demise, and he’s simply now realizing how manipulative Otto has been. “Your pursuits not align with these of the Realm. Your judgment has been compromised,” Viserys says. Otto stresses that he has an obligation to inform Viserys one of the best and worst of what’s occurring. Otto’s phrases fall on deaf ears. Viserys takes off Otto’s Hand of the King pin. Viserys can not belief Otto, so he’s a goner.

Later, Grand Maester Mellos brings Rhaenyra a cup of “moon tea” from the king, and she or he’s caught off guard. “It would rid you of any undesirable penalties,” the Maester explains. Rhaenyra realizes that Viserys by no means believed her when she claimed nothing occurred. Whereas she solely partially lied about Daemon, this moon tea may turn out to be useful. In any case, she did lie about nonetheless being a maiden.

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