Thor: Love and Thunder Credit Scene Defined: What’s Valhalla?

WARNING: Spoilers forward for “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Typically, Marvel makes use of their mid- and post-credits stingers merely to poke enjoyable on the viewers. However most instances, they use them to arrange a little bit further piece of the way forward for the MCU. The latter is the case for each of the “Thor: Love and Thunder” credit scenes — however the second could have simply opened up a brand new realm totally.

The dangerous information is, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) didn’t survive the movie. Because it seems, within the time since we’ve seen her in “Thor: The Darkish World,” she received most cancers, and it progressed in a short time. Although Mjolnir initially appears to assist her preserve the illness at bay — and turns her into the badass Mighty Thor — finally, we study that the magic hammer was really draining the vitality she had left in her physique and robbing her of the flexibility to struggle off the most cancers.

Figuring out this, she makes use of Mjolnir one final time to assist save Thor (Chris Hemsworth) within the Shadow Realm, and really defeat Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale), sacrificing herself within the course of. She dies in Thor’s arms in Eternity, and disappears in gold shimmers, much like Odin’s dying in “Thor: Ragnarok.”

The excellent news is, in contrast to Odin, we see that Jane’s physique is reconstituted after dying. Within the post-credits scene, she arrives in Valhalla the place she’s greeted by none aside from Heimdall (Idris Elba), who was killed by Thanos again in “Avengers: Infinity Battle.” The 2 share a candy second, after which the film ends.

And with that, we will’t assist however suppose that two beloved MCU characters have been given an open-ended ticket again into the MCU, ought to they ever need to use it.

That is the primary time we’ve actually seen an afterlife of any kind on display. We weren’t proven Tony Stark strolling by means of the non-viking pearly gates, or Pietro or Gamora, or another MCU deaths. Not even Loki, who may additionally theoretically find yourself in Valhalla since he died bravely in what even the largest stickler would settle for was a battle of some type. (Clearly Loki the time journey duplicate continues to be very a lot with us).

By displaying us that Jane and Heimdall nonetheless exist someplace, there’s a transparent implication that each may return for future MCU installments.

That might merely imply scenes happening in Valhalla itself, with the 2 of them watching over Thor, and making an attempt to assist him from above. A bit like a Buddy Guardian Angel factor, the place Heimdall and Jane share embarrassing tales about Thor and their time with him, maybe with a little bit of ribbing on his battle antics. In my thoughts, they may grow to be the MCU model of the Statler and Waldorf muppets.

However given this stage of Marvel, it’s doable that Valhalla is the newest enlargement of the multiverse, and is definitely a wholly separate — totally accessible — realm.

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There’s comedian precedent for individuals coming back from Valhalla — Thor himself being one in every of them. Within the now-discontinued Ultimates universe (which for these protecting rating, takes place on Earth-1610), Thor died and was despatched to Valhalla. In that model, the afterlife was really dominated by Hela. There, the 2 made a deal: if Thor fathered a baby together with her, Hela would launch him again to Earth. And although it was icky for apparent causes, Thor did it.

The snag right here is that, to ensure that Thor to return to Earth, another person needed to die to take his place. The unfortunate soul ended up being his love curiosity in that run, Barbara Noriss. When she died, Thor returned to Earth, and Barbara grew to become Valhalla’s Valkyrie.

Now, clearly, neither Jane nor Heimdall are the kind to ask for an additional’s life to avoid wasting themselves, and Hela is fairly undoubtedly gone. So a storyline like “Final New Ultimates #1,” whereas not not possible, is unlikely. Nonetheless, there’s at the very least one possibility for returning them to the land of the residing.

That mentioned, there’s additionally a method for Thor merely speaking with Jane and Heimdall within the comics as properly. Later within the “Ultimates” run, as a result of he was the one survivor of Asgard, Thor himself grew to become Valhalla. With that got here the facility to speak with Valhalla residents.

However because the MCU has proven repeatedly, there’s no rule that it has to stick to the comics. If Kevin Feige needed to, he may give you a wholly new approach for Thor to entry Valhalla and see/presumably rescue his individuals. The purpose is, “Thor: Love and Thunder” confirmed followers that Valhalla is a spot that exists someplace — we simply don’t know the place. The probabilities that include which might be fairly intensive.

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After all, on the finish of the day, the post-credits scene may’ve merely been a pleasant bookend for Natalie Portman’s time within the MCU, making it clear that she died a hero (the requirement for making it to Valhalla). Being greeted by Heimdall may’ve simply been a approach of getting Idris Elba in there another time, and making a candy second between two of a very powerful folks that have been in Thor’s life. And that might be fantastic.

However we will’t assist however observe that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has now confirmed the existence of at the very least one precise afterlife. If there’s one, certainly there must be others, proper? It might be fairly a nihilistic twist for it to prove the one individuals who get to go to heaven are literal-god superheroes — notably contemplating how a revelation like that’s the reason for all the things that occurs in “Thor: Love and Thunder” within the first place.

Which makes us consider a few different Marvel heroes, whose deaths didn’t lead to fairly the identical degree of closure. Perhaps they’re nonetheless be on the market, ready for a digicam to look within the path of no matter cloud they’re at the moment residing on.

Perhaps that cloud occurs to be floating below the wreckage of a magical mountain temple.

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On the very least, the existence of presumably accessible afterlives presents an intriguing alternative, contemplating the Soul Aircraft by no means actually ended up being a factor.

What we’re saying is, it’s simply good to know that Jane and Heimdall are okay and received the ending they deserved. Now do Wanda subsequent, Marvel. Thanks.

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