Why Finn’s Storyline Is Higher Than You Bear in mind

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Final Jedi stays some of the controversial entries within the Star Wars franchise. There are a lot of moviegoers who view it as one of many strongest and most artistic movies set within the galaxy far, distant, whereas others stay fiercely adamant that it ruined the franchise. There may be one part of the movie each teams are likely to agree on, nevertheless. Even a lot of The Final Jedi’s supporters are crucial of the storyline given to Finn (John Boyega), one of many Sequel Trilogy’s essential characters, which they view as superfluous to the plot and fewer emotional than his function within the earlier movie, Episode VII – The Power Awakens. But when one revisits The Final Jedi, they are going to discover themselves shocked at how good Finn’s story within the movie really is. Not solely does it successfully develop him as a person, it offers attention-grabbing distinction to the arcs of different characters within the movie, particularly Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), making it a vital a part of the movie’s larger thematic arguments.


To start with of The Final Jedi, Finn wakes up from a coma in a medical pod, the place he was being handled for the accidents he sustained in a battle in opposition to Ben Solo/Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) in The Power Awakens. When Ben and the First Order hit the Resistance fleet with their newest devastating assault, Finn turns into fearful that his finest good friend Rey (Daisy Ridley), who’s coaching within the Jedi arts with Luke, will likely be at risk if she returns to the fleet.

He takes the monitoring gadget meant to information Rey again from an unconscious Basic Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) and prepares to depart in an escape pod earlier than being stopped and incapacitated by Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran), a devoted Resistance mechanic and fan of his who’s drastically upset to see him deserting. As she prepares to imprison him, the pair uncover that collectively they’ve a few of the data essential to disable the know-how the First Order is utilizing to trace the fleet. After consulting with Poe and Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong’o), Rose and Finn head to the on line casino city of Canto Bight to recruit a grasp codebreaker Maz is aware of to assist them.

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Is Finn a Insurgent?

Upon their arrival, Finn is first swept away by Canto Bight’s flashy materialism till Rose factors out that the rich inhabitants make their fortunes off baby labor, warfare profiteering, and different oppressive practices. They’re briefly arrested earlier than escaping in a stampede of horse-like creatures used for racing that some baby employees, who’re followers of the Resistance, assist them let out. Finn states that he loved tearing up the city and combating again in opposition to the oppressive higher class. As a substitute of Maz’s contact, they recruit DJ (Benicio del Toro), a talented hacker they meet in jail. DJ solely helps for the promise of cash, however he does take a liking to Finn and makes an attempt to win him over to his cynical mind-set by mentioning that each the Resistance and the First Order buy weapons from the identical arms sellers.

All through the storyline, Rose and DJ act as an angel and satan on Finn’s shoulders, and he doesn’t totally embrace both of their views till DJ sells them out to the First Order throughout their infiltration of the command ship. After he and Rose escape execution, because of Vice-Admiral Holdo’s (Laura Dern) sacrificial assault on the First Order fleet Finn battles Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie), his commanding officer from his time as a First Order stormtrooper. When it’s clear she is crushed and about to die, Phasma snarls, “You had been all the time scum,” to which Finn replies, “Insurgent scum,” a preferred phrase from earlier Star Wars works, using which signifies his realization that regardless of no matter ethical compromises it might have made the Resistance remains to be the simply facet within the present battle.

Some could argue that it’s redundant to focus Finn’s arc on him deciding to decide to the Resistance after he already defected from the First Order in The Power Awakens, however the growth he undergoes in The Final Jedi is a pure development of his story in that movie. As described in The Power Awakens, the members of Finn’s stormtrooper unit had been educated and brainwashed from start to serve the First Order. Though his ethical opposition to their violent cruelty was robust sufficient to get him to depart, it makes good sense that he would stay fearful of them (particularly after Ben nearly killed him) and be weary of rejoining the warfare he simply left, even on the opposing facet.

Discovering Stability

It additionally takes greater than his experiences within the earlier movie to finish the aftereffects of his indoctrination. The First Order tried to instill fanatical loyalty in Finn and although it didn’t work the best way they supposed, he does exhibit obsessive behaviors. That is proven most clearly by means of his relationship with Rey. The pair shortly developed a deep bond in The Power Awakens, with Finn noting that Rey was the primary individual he remembers genuinely caring about him resulting from his traumatic childhood. Their dynamic is nice however Finn’s loyalty to her typically causes him to lose sight of the large image and make poor, egocentric choices.

In The Power Awakens, he lies to the Resistance and Han Solo (Harrison Ford), saying he is aware of the way to disable the defend generator on Starkiller Base when he doesn’t, simply so he and Han will likely be despatched to rescue the captive Rey, regardless of the dangerous operation this causes the Resistance to mount. This is similar mind-set that leads him to attempt to abandon the Resistance, together with different pals like Poe and Leia, for Rey’s sake in The Final Jedi.

Rose manages to open his eyes to the significance of the broader battle however Finn’s tendency to go to extremes stays till the top of the movie. After rejoining the Resistance, Finn over-commits in the course of the Battle of Crait. He has grow to be so decided to defeat the First Order that he plans to crash his hovercraft into their battering ram cannon regardless of realizing the crash will kill him, and isn’t even assured to disable the weapon. As soon as once more Rose helps him see the sunshine, knocking him astray by crashing her hovercraft into his and telling him that the Resistance received’t win by “combating what we hate,” however by “saving what we love.” Rose then kisses him and whereas it’s unclear if he returns her romantic emotions, he does clearly see how essential her friendship is, and he appears to take her numerous classes to coronary heart. On the finish of the movie, he’s nonetheless overjoyed to reunite with Rey but in addition pays shut consideration to Rose to ensure her accidents are therapeutic correctly, suggesting that he is discovered a more healthy steadiness for his relationships.

The seek for steadiness of varied sorts is a recurring theme in Star Wars, after all, and it connects Finn’s arc to that of varied different characters in The Final Jedi. Rey, Luke, and Ben are caught up within the everlasting wrestle between the Darkish and Gentle sides of the Power, and are all pulled in each instructions at completely different factors. Rey and Ben wrestle to reconcile their allegiances to their respective sides of the Darkish Aspect/First Order versus Gentle Aspect/Resistance battle with the difficult relationship that develops between them. Luke’s arc is just like Finn’s, as he should additionally cease appearing out of concern. As an ashamed Luke tells Rey, his concern of Ben changing into a Sith led him to briefly contemplate killing his nephew and pupil, which solely hastened Ben’s flip to the Darkish Aspect. Quite than study from this error, Luke doubled down on his paranoid considering. Believing that his personal affect and that of the whole Jedi faith had been harmful for the galaxy, he minimize himself off from the Power and remoted himself on Ahch-To. Like Finn, Luke finally rejoins the Resistance on a path of self-sacrifice, though he does so with out the obsessive influences motivating Finn.

Finn’s arc additionally acts as a thematic reverse to that of his good friend Poe. Poe begins the film fully unafraid of the First Order, nevertheless it quickly turns into clear his confidence has grown into cocky conceitedness. Within the opening of the movie, he continues an assault, regardless of Leia’s orders to retreat, which finally prices many Resistance troopers their lives. Even after being demoted by Leia, he stays brash and when he disagrees with Holdo’s technique he levels a mutiny in opposition to her whereas the fleet is underneath bombardment from the First Order. When Holdo’s sacrifice ensures the Resistance’s survival, Poe has a change of coronary heart, studying the significance of warning and residing to battle one other day. The distinction to Finn’s arc is highlighted by how each males behave in the course of the Battle of Crait. Earlier than Finn flies on the battering ram cannon Poe orders him and all the opposite Resistance pilots to retreat as a result of he is aware of persevering with to interact the First Order forces straight will value too many lives. And when Luke’s projection steps out of the Resistance hideout to face the First Order Poe acknowledges that the Jedi doesn’t intend to guide a renewed cost however is as a substitute giving the remainder of the Resistance time to flee.

On the finish of the movie these characters, with the exception Ben, have all discovered steadiness of a kind. Rey actually shuts the door on Ben’s projection, acknowledging that regardless of no matter sympathy and affection she feels for him, she’s going to nonetheless oppose his actions because the First Order’s new Supreme Chief. Luke’s physique fades out of existence as he dies, signifying that he has achieved the identical form of enlightenment within the Power as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda earlier than him. Poe stays a assured and daring soldier, however he has additionally discovered humility and grow to be a extra accountable chief. And Finn has discovered that there’s a proper facet within the galactic battle and devoted himself to it whereas additionally shedding the poisonous influences of his upbringing after a storyline that’s rather more impactful than it’s usually mentioned to be and is a crucial a part of the bold complete that’s The Final Jedi.

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