The Midcentury ‘Do not Fear Darling’ Costumes Thread the Needle Between the Male and Feminine Gazes

In “Do not Fear Darling,” midcentury life within the idyllic group of Victory appears good — emphasis on the phrase “appears.” 

With the work of post-war society photographer Slim Aarons serving as inspiration, director Olivia Wilde (pulling double-duty by additionally enjoying Bunny) and her staff leaned into the desert-paradise visible and really feel of Palm Springs: sprawling midcentury structure with covetable swimming pools, swaying palm bushes and unending cocktail hours. The husbands placed on their fits and drive off to work on the mysterious Victory Mission, which ambiguously entails “creating progressive supplies.” Their lovely wives fortunately ship them off with a ready lunch earlier than cleansing the home, solely to welcome them dwelling on the finish of the day with a beverage, three-course meal after which some. All of the whereas, the Victory wives are constantly and utterly made-up and dressed.

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