The Greatest Hawthorne Strainers of 2022

Straight to the Level

Our prime decide was the Poor Man’s Kitchen Kilpatrick High-quality Strainer, for its ease of use and talent to filter out the best solids. For a pronged strainer, we advocate the Cocktail Kingdom’s Buswell 4-Prong Hawthorne Strainer. It affords added stability and flexibility.

A superbly ready cocktail is a factor of magnificence. Whether or not you get pleasure from a crystal clear martini or a crisp daiquiri, the perfect cocktails are balanced, advanced, and visually interesting.

One of the crucial essential steps when making ready the perfect cocktail is straining. Straining a cocktail removes any cumbersome substances like ice, herbs, or fruit because the drink is poured into its serving glass.

When it’s time to pressure a cocktail, most bartenders flip to the Hawthorne strainer. In response to “Imbibe!” (David Wondrich’s historical past of cocktails), springs have been first added to strainers in 1889 and the Hawthorne strainer achieved its acquainted kind just a few quick years later. Its simplicity and flexibility made it the proper device for straining each shaken and stirred drinks and it stays a workhorse behind the bar to this present day.

However don’t let the simplicity of the device idiot you: Hawthorne strainers could all look comparable, however small design nuances (like spring tightness and deal with size) can have an effect on how nicely every performs. We examined 9 of the most well-liked strainers available on the market to determine what options matter most and which fashions are price your cash.

The Winners, at a Look

The Greatest Hawthorne Strainer: Poor Man’s Kitchen Kilpatrick High-quality Strainer

This strainer combines the perfect elements of a standard Hawthorne strainer with a fantastic mesh strainer to make sure an ultra-thorough pressure that forestalls even the smallest bits of herbs from reaching the serving glass. It’s additionally ergonomic, balanced, and straightforward to make use of.

The Greatest Hawthorne Strainer with Prongs: Cocktail Kingdom’s Buswell 4-Prong Hawthorne Strainer

 Cocktail Kingdom Buswell™ 4-Prong Hawthorne Strainer

Additionally accessible at Cocktail Kingdom.

This strainer’s added prongs guarantee it’ll match a greater diversity of barware, like shaker tins and mixing glasses. Whereas most pronged strainers have two prongs, the Buswell provides two extra-long prongs, which makes it extra versatile and offers further stability. 

The Assessments

  • Match exams: We measured the diameter of every strainer and examined how nicely it match onto the opening of Boston shaker tins and a mixing glass. We famous if the entrance of every strainer totally coated the openings and if the springs match inside every opening.
  • Egg white take a look at: For every strainer, we combined and shook a Whiskey Bitter (utilizing 110 grams of ice) and strained. We famous how nicely every mannequin strained the cocktail, in search of any ice shards or small bits of citrus pulp that made it into the ultimate cocktail.
  • Muddled cocktail take a look at: For every strainer, we shook the substances of an Outdated Cuban (utilizing 110 grams of ice), which incorporates muddled mint leaves, and strained. We famous how nicely every strainer carried out—straining with the gate closed (the place that permits for straining the best particulates) so far as every strainer would permit. We appeared to see how clear every completed cocktail was, noting if there have been any small mint items, ice shards, and items of citrus pulp within the completed cocktail.
  • Stirred cocktail take a look at: For every strainer, we combined a Negroni in a mixing glass (stirring with 110 grams of ice), then strained. We checked out how nicely every strainer match on the opening of the blending glass and whether or not every strainer efficiently and simply held again the ice.
  • Usability exams: All through testing, we evaluated how simple every strainer was to make use of. We famous design options just like the deal with size, prongs, variety of perforations, and tightness of the spring—discerning what affected usability.
  • Cleanup exams: All through testing, we famous how simple every strainer was to scrub, washing it by hand after each take a look at. We additionally eliminated the strainer’s springs to get a deeper clear, noting the convenience of removing and alternative.

Why Ought to Cocktails Be Strained?

Straining a cocktail is completed to separate liquid substances—like spirits and fruit juice—from strong substances similar to ice, citrus seeds, or muddled fruit and herbs. Most bartenders and tipplers choose that their drinks are served clear, with no bits of fruit or herbs floating round within the glass. And, after all, no one desires to fret about getting a chunk of mint caught of their tooth. 

On prime of that, straining a cocktail helps stop over-dilution. Bartenders shake or stir cocktails not solely to relax them however to dilute them as nicely. Because the cocktail is shaken, a number of the ice melts and mixes with the cocktail, softening harsher flavors and decreasing the alcohol content material of the drink. When the cocktail will get to the precise temperature and diploma of dilution (after shaking or stirring a cocktail for about 10 to fifteen seconds), it’s separated from the ice and strained into the serving glass. 

Sorts of Cocktail Strainers

There are three major kinds of strainers, each used for barely completely different functions:

  • Julep strainers: Julep strainers are a scallop-shaped, metallic model of strainer used solely for straining cocktails stirred in a mixing glass. The julep strainer works equally to a colander, separating bigger items of ice from the completed, chilled cocktail.
  • Hawthorne strainers: Hawthorne strainers are the most typical and versatile sort of cocktail strainer. They encompass a strong, spherical metallic piece designed to suit over the opening of a shaking tin, and a spring that matches within the tin that filters out finer particles from a cocktail. Hawthorne strainers, conveniently, can be utilized with each shaking tins and mixing glasses.
  • High-quality mesh strainers: When a Hawthorne strainer isn’t sufficient, some bartenders use a small, conical mesh strainer to filter out tiny ice shards or different particles which can be too fantastic for a Hawthorne strainer to catch. When used together with a Hawthorne strainer, this course of is usually referred to as “double straining” or “fantastic straining.”

The right way to Use a Hawthorne Strainer

“Closing the gate” on our favourite Hawthorne strainer.

Severe Eats / Amanda Suarez

The typical Hawthorne strainer has a flat, round piece with holes reduce into it’s designed to suit over the opening of a shaking tin or mixing glass. This spherical piece will typically have a tab across the heart of it and a deal with that may differ in size. On the other aspect of the tab is a coil of springs that encircles the complete strainer. This spring is what separates Hawthorne strainers from different kinds of strainers. It helps to filter out finer particles like chunks of ice or items of herbs or fruit from shaken cocktails. 

To make use of a Hawthorne strainer, place it over the opening of the shaking tin or mixing glass. The aspect with the spring ought to match contained in the opening and the flat aspect ought to match flush over the opening of your tin or glass. You need to be capable of maintain the strainer over the opening simply with one hand whereas having a finger free to push down on the tab on the highest. Pushing the tab down closes off a number of the openings and contracts the coil on the within of the strainer. Bartenders typically consult with this as “closing the gate,” and it’s helpful when a finer pressure is important. 

As soon as the strainer is in place and the gate is within the desired place, maintain the strainer in place along with your hand and pour the contents of the shaker tin or glass by means of the strainer and right into a cocktail glass. The strainer ought to permit the combined cocktail to cross by means of whereas holding again the ice and some other muddled substances.

What We Discovered

A Tighter Spring = A Higher Pressure

The tighter coil (proper) of our favourite Hawthorne strainer led to a finer pressure than that of fashions with bigger gaps between their coils (just like the one of many left).

Severe Eats / Amanda Suarez

Most Hawthorne strainers are composed of the identical few elements, however there have been just a few design concerns we discovered impacted efficiency. The most important one was how tightly coiled the spring was.

The spring serves two functions: it may assist to carry the strainer in place when fitted inside a shaker tin and determines how nicely a strainer filters out fantastic solids.

Our testing confirmed that the strainers with probably the most tightly coiled springs carried out the perfect when it got here to filtration. The quantity of house between every coil different fairly a bit amongst the strainers—anyplace from a half of a millimeter to some millimeters. The nearer the coils have been to one another, the much less house there was for solids to cross by means of, so bigger chunks of herbs or ice shards stayed within the shaking tin and out of the completed drinks.

Prong or No Prong?

The form and total design of the strainer additionally impacted usability. The flat, round a part of the strainer must be massive and huge sufficient to cowl the opening of a Boston shaker tin. The skin must be huge sufficient in diameter so the strainer stays flush with the opening of the shaking tin and the strainer stays in place whereas pouring.

Many Hawthorne strainers have prongs or wings that stretch past the disc. The prongs make it simpler for the strainer to suit with tins or mixing glasses with wider openings. For instance, our favourite pronged strainer has a width of 5 inches, whereas the smallest we examined had a couple of 3.25-inch width. Most strainers simply match a number of sizes of shakers or mixing glasses, however extra prongs might help with stabilization and match.

Was It Simple to Shut the Gate?

 Most strainers even have a tab on the aspect reverse the spring. The tab is used to push down on the strainer earlier than pouring the drink. As we famous above, pushing down the tab each tightens the coils of the spring and closes off the hole between the strainer and the aspect of the shaking tin. This follow is completed when mixologists desire a extra finely strained cocktail. The location, measurement, and supplies the tab are made from all contributed to how simple it was to make use of. For instance, a tab positioned close to the bottom of the deal with of the strainer that protruded a bit additional out was simpler to achieve and manipulate than a much less outstanding tab that was nearer to the middle of the strainer.

Deal with Design Variations

The strainer on the far left had far too lengthy of a deal with, making it really feel clumsier.

Severe Eats / Amanda Suarez

Lastly, the strainer should be ergonomic and straightforward to make use of with one hand whereas holding the shaking tin. After all, everybody’s preferences are completely different, however some design selections just like the size of the deal with or tab placement affected how the strainer slot in our hand and shaking tin. An extended deal with could make the strainer unbalanced when resting on prime of a shaker tin, rising the liklihood it might tip over. Additionally, relying on how you like holding your strainer, it might probably get in the way in which when pouring a drink.

The Standards: What We Search for in a Hawthorne Strainer

Severe Eats / Amanda Suarez

So, what attributes make for the proper Hawthorne strainer? First, the strainer should match over the opening of a shaking tin and keep in place whereas straining. It ought to have an simply accessible tab for tightening the springs for a finer pressure. And it ought to be capable of filter out all massive substances from the cocktail and do an enough job with finer particles, too.

The Greatest Total Hawthorne Strainer: Poor Man’s Kitchen Kilpatrick High-quality Strainer


What we preferred: The Poor Man’s Kitchen Kilpatrick High-quality Strainer mixed the perfect options of each a Hawthorne and a mesh strainer. As a substitute of the basic single, disc-shaped piece of metallic with perforations, the face of this strainer is changed by a chrome steel mesh filter. 

Out of the entire strainers we examined, the Kilpatrick did the perfect job of filtering out fantastic particles within the cocktail straining exams. The coils of the spring have been among the many tightest of the entire strainers, too, and when the tab was pressed down and the gate closed, it filtered as cleanly as a double-strained cocktail.

It was additionally sturdy and well-designed. The location of the tab on the base of the deal with was simple to achieve, making fine-straining ergonomic and straightforward. And the strainer match completely over the opening of a giant shaker tin. At 3 3/4 inches, the deal with was barely longer than common, however because of the heavier mesh display, it didn’t really feel unbalanced. 

What we didn’t like: As a result of this strainer had a mesh filter as a substitute of the usual perforations, it was barely harder to scrub. The coils on the spring have been additionally fairly tight, which led to small items of mint getting caught between them. However the spring was simply eliminated for deeper cleansing.

Worth at time of publish: $26.

Key Specs

  • Diameter: 3.75 inches
  • Deal with size: 3 inches
  • Coil house: 1-millimeter
  • Materials: Chrome steel
  • Distinctive options: Mesh strainer 

Severe Eats / Amanda Suarez

The Greatest Hawthorne Strainer with Prongs: Buswell 4-Prong from Cocktail Kingdom

 Cocktail Kingdom Buswell™ 4-Prong Hawthorne Strainer

Additionally accessible at Cocktail Kingdom.

What we preferred: Should you choose a strainer with prongs, the Buswell 4-prong is your greatest wager. Prongs are added to strainers to assist them match quite a lot of different-sized shaking tins or mixing glasses, and this strainer goes one step additional with one other set of extra-long prongs on both aspect of the face.

It was no shock that this strainer match nicely on each tin and mixing glass we examined it with. It additionally boasted one of many tightest coils, so it did a superb job filtering fantastic particles. (simply not fairly in addition to our prime decide).

What we didn’t like: Should you choose a shorter deal with or a extra compact Hawthorne strainer, this one is probably not the decide for you. Due to its two lengthy prongs on the aspect and longer deal with, it’s bigger than different strainers we examined.

Worth at time of publish: $16.

Key Specs

  • Diameter: 5 inches
  • Deal with size: 2.5 inches
  • Coil house: 1-millimeter
  • Materials: Chrome steel
  • Distinctive options: 4 prongs for further stability 

Severe Eats / Amanda Suarez

The Competitors

  • Koriko by Cocktail Kingdom Hawthorne Strainer: It is a well-liked strainer for a cause. It’s huge and completely covers the openings of each shaking tins and mixing glasses. Its spring coils are additionally tight sufficient that it filters nicely–simply not higher than our prime decide.
  • OXO Metal Cocktail Strainer: This pronged strainer match nicely with each shaking tins and mixing glasses. Nonetheless, it had the widest hole between coils and didn’t fairly filter as completely as different fashions. 
  • A Bar Above Hawthorne Strainer: This strainer carried out nicely in each take a look at, however it didn’t filter out as lots of the fantastic particles as our prime decide.
  • Homestia Star Decor Bar Strainer: With its star-shaped perforations, this strainer was one of many extra fashionable we examined. Sadly, it had no finger tab, so was a bit awkward to make use of when making an attempt to shut the gate and tighten the coil.
  • Piña Barware’s The Hawthornette: The Hawthornette was a succesful strainer and was comparable in measurement and design to the OXO. It comes fitted with a extra tightly coiled spring, so it bought higher outcomes when straining the muddled cocktail. However, it didn’t pressure as finely as our prime picks.
  • Bar Merchandise Cocktail Strainer – No-Prong w/ Deal with: Primarily based on the unique design of the Hawthorne strainer from the late 1800s, this mannequin doesn’t have the now normal, flat, metallic face. It didn’t match neatly over the opening of a shaker tin just like the others we examined. Nevertheless it does work completely when used like a julep strainer with a mixing glass.
  • Bull in China Hawthorne Strainer: This strainer did an honest job of straining cocktails, however its face was a bit slender, and through one of many exams it really fell into the big shaking tin.


What’s the distinction between a Hawthorne strainer, a julep strainer, and a fantastic mesh strainer?

The three essential kinds of strainers all have completely different functions when mixing cocktails. Hawthorne strainers are designed to suit over the opening of shaking tins and may also be used with mixing glasses. Additionally they are constructed with coils of spring to assist filter out fantastic particles, like bits of herbs. Julep strainers are used to pressure stirred cocktails like a Manhattan or Martini. They mainly separate the ice from the completed cocktail. High-quality mesh strainers are used together with Hawthorne strainers to filter out any ultra-fine particles that will have snuck previous the preliminary pressure.

Do you actually need to pressure your cocktails?

Straining cocktails is important to be able to serve a well-balanced cocktail. When making ready a shaken or stirred cocktail, mixing the substances with ice not solely chills the drink, however a number of the ice melts into the cocktail and dilutes the drink. This lowers the general ABV of the drink and smooths out a number of the harsher flavors within the alcohol, making a extra balanced taste profile. If the cocktail isn’t strained and is simply poured right into a glass together with the ice, it dangers turning into overdiluted and watered down. It’s additionally necessary to pressure a cocktail that’s muddled with fruit or herbs in order that the completed cocktail is clear in look and doesn’t have bits of mint or strawberry floating in it.

Why is it referred to as a Hawthorne strainer?

In response to cocktail historian David Wondrich in his e book “Imbibe!”, the Hawthorne strainer was named after the Hawthorne Cafe in Boston, MA. Whereas the strainer’s design was created by inventor William Wright, the patent was held by Denny Sullivan, who owned the cafe that was the strainer’s namesake.

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