He HP Office Jet Pro 8620 It’s perfect for printing beautiful printables and the ink only needs to be changed every 2-3 months.


Regular paper from any store can be used, but if you are looking thicker paper this brand It’s really nice.


You can use any standard hole punch, but i really like this because it lights up green when all the pages are lined up correctly.



Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy, but this weekly meal planner it makes it easier!

Diet and exercise go hand in hand and in order for us to conquer our health and fitness, we need to focus on both. He fitness goal tracker It’s the perfect way to start tracking your health and fitness goals!


Having a monthly family budget It is the first step to conquering your finances. No matter how much money you get, you will always have financial difficulties if you don’t start paying attention to money coming in AND money going out.

And after you’ve started analyzing your budget, come up with a financial improvement plan And tracking results will make you feel free from the stress that money can bring in no time!


Every relationship in your life requires work to make everyone feel close to each other. He our relationship goals worksheet It will help you figure out what you want to work on with those who mean the most to you, and also the steps you need to take to get there.

The relationship you have with your partner or spouse can be magical or miserable. I discovered that being happy with another person requires doing things together that you both enjoy. He date night ideas worksheet It will help you both decide what you want to do together. And be sure to set aside some time each month for each other, no matter how busy life gets!

And this life planner wouldn’t be complete without a family activity planner! I don’t know about you, but I want my entire family unit to share a strong bond with each other. Making time to do things as a family is the best way to make that happen.


Happiness in our career can make life a million times better. But the sad truth is that 53% of Americans are not happy with their job. This means that millions of people are miserable for a large part of their day… and then they bring that misery home. He dream job planner it will help you get unstuck so you can start enjoying what you do for a living.

And once you land your dream job (or maybe you already have it), you can start planning your career goals! Without goals for us to work towards life gets boring, so make sure you’re always learning new skills and checking things off your goal list to keep life exciting.

you can use the 5 year plan as a life planner in any or all areas! Decide your goals and create an action plan to make it happen!


And last but not least… what is a life planner without a faith weekly planner? Faith gives us the strength to keep going in every area of ​​our lives when the going gets tough…and they will. Such is life for you. But that doesn’t mean we can’t connect with our creator to help us have the right attitude when the going gets tough.

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