Genshin Impact Releases New Official Illustration Featuring Travelers and Archons

Genshin Impact releases new official artwork featuring the Travelers and Archons to commemorate milestones for its Japanese Twitter and YouTube.

With just over a year and a half since Genshin Impact first released in late 2020, HoYoverse’s open-world gacha RPG has become a phenomenon within the world of gaming. The massive popularity of Genshin Impact‘s characters has seen the Chinese developer earn hundreds of millions of dollars from its gacha system and the game has stood among the most-played mobile titles since its launch. Now, with the Japanese branches of its official Twitter and YouTube network both reaching milestones, HoYoverse has released a special new artwork to commemorate the achievements.


Genshin Impact Has seen no shortage of accolades and milestones since its September 2020 launch as the game has been lauded by both fans and critics alike throughout its history. Genshin was a runner-up for “Best Ongoing Game” at the 2021 Game Awards and was named “Best Mobile Game” of 2021 at the New York Game Awards held by the New York Videogame Critics Circle. It sees millions of players logging into the world of Teyvat each day across several regions, and now the Japanese branch of Genshin Impact is celebrating 1 million YouTube subscribers and 2 million Twitter followers.

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In commemoration of the major milestones, Genshin Impact has released a special exclusive artwork through its Japanese Twitter account to mark the occasion. The artwork features both the male and female variants of the Traveler accompanied by Paimon and the archons from the game’s three currently released regions: Venti, Zhongli, and Raiden Shogun. The artwork also features an assortment of the flowers players can find like Dandelions and Naku Weeds as well as Crystalflies corresponding to each of the central elements of the three regions.

Genshin‘s major milestone for its Japanese version comes as recent reports show Genshin Impact has continued to maintain its early dominance over the mobile game market. A report from gaming data aggregation website shows Genshin Impact as the highest-earning mobile game throughout the first quarter of 2022 beating out mobile mainstays like roblox and PUBG Mobile. The game’s regular updates have consistently added new content for players to explore, with its most recent update adding the long-awaited Chasm region and future updates set to bring a new nation this year.

Alongside the popularity of Genshin‘s already existing characters, future characters have also been a popular point of discussion for many fans keeping them invested in the game’s future. The Fatui harbinger Scaramouche, first introduced back in the game’s Version 1.1 event, has long been rumored to be coming with recent leaks placing him in Version 3.1, and new characters frequently see leaks weeks or even months ahead of their official reveal. with Genshin‘s success only seeming to grow with each passing update, the breakout hit surely has plenty more major milestones to come.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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