Heather Dubrow Reveals Off-Camera Drama With Noella

RHOC's Heather Dubrow on Off-Camera Drama with Noella, Her Hypocritical Behavior, and What Was Edited From Season 16, Plus Talks Reunion

Heather Dubrow didn’t get along with Noella Berger for the majority of The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16. But after filming wrapped, something unexpected occured.

While looking back on the events of the season, and the often bizarre mannerisms of her co-star, on her podcast, Heather explained why Noella wasn’t seen in some of the final moments of the show and revealed what Noella asked her once cameras stopped rolling in Aspen.

“You notice she’s the only cast member not in that video? She went into the corner and sat with our producer the whole time. [She] never hung out with us,” Heather explained on the April 17 episode of Heather Dubrow’s World of a scene that aired on last week’s show.

On their final day of filming on RHOC season 16, Heather and her castmates enjoyed a finale dinner at Creperie before venturing back to their vacation home, where they continued to party in their pajamas before Heather was met with a surprisingly docile Noella.

“We’re off-camera, done filming. And then out of nowhere, it’s like 3:30 in the morning, 4 in the morning, Noella walks up to me and goes, ‘Hey, can we start over?’” Heather recalled.

But after a messy season, Heather was unwilling to move forward.

“I go, ‘No. no. No well can’t. Are you out of your mind?’ like in a totally normal, like, ‘The season’s over can we start over?’ And I just went, ‘No,’ and I walked away,” she revealed.

According to Heather, she doesn’t understand why Noella makes such a fuss about what she’s said about her material possessions when she’s done just the same.

“She says I brag about things but she’s always giving digits, always talking about how much the clothes cost and this costs, and it’s 100-acre, she has to be very specific about all of that — and that’s okay,” Heather noted, adding that she doesn’t like how Noella’s been “poaching on [her]”

In addition to shading Heather in confessionals and on social media, Noella has made a contradictory statements about her life to her co-star, namely in regard to her divorce from James Berger. Not only did Noella reportedly mention the removal of her rings on two different occasions, she also gave different explanations for her intentions to move forward.

“Which is it? Did you go there to heal and check out? Or do you just need to have some fun?” Heather asked of Noella’s thoughts going into their trip to Aspen.

Also on the podcast, Heather said that while she filmed a lot about her clothing line and spinoff with husband Terry Dubrowproducers chose to cut the scenes out of season 16.

“I told the story about my clothing line and how it was a huge disaster because of the pandemic and what I’ve been trying to do with it. I talked about it a lot. None of that was ever shown. We filmed a lot for Seven Year Stitch. They didn’t show [much of that either],” she shared.

And as for the upcoming reunion, Heather said she’s excited to see it air.

“I can’t believe I made it,” she admitted. “I’m so fascinated to see how they cut the reunion together. I saw [the trailer] but that’s just a part of it so I’m just curious and I’m curious to see what the response is going to be.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 reunion begins on Wednesday, April 20, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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