Hilaria And Alec Baldwin Post Gender Reveal Video

“No one can define your cultures.”

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Now, the idea of ​​six children under the age of 10 may make you go, “¡Dios mío!” — especially considering that babies five and six were welcomed within months of each other.

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There’s Carmen (8), Rafael (6), Leonardo (5), Romeo (4), Eduardo (1.5), and Lucia (1).

Then there’s Alec’s eldest daughter, Ireland, who he shares with ex-wife Kim Basinger, who recently described how he was emotionally unavailable as a parent. cool!

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For the neuva Baldwinito’s gender reveal, Hilaria posted a video of Alec and all her kids, sharing, “Our family’s hopes and wishes, encouragement and advice for our new baby.” Oh, the baby is a girl, BTW.

“One characteristic doesn’t define you,” Alec begins, hauntingly addressing the camera.

The video then cuts to each of the kids sharing a word of encouragement for the unborn baby, with Hilaria herself saying, “Feel free to immerse in and express all parts of your identity without being shamed, limited, or bullied.”

Now, I want to take a second to address the lines in the video that seem to directly comment on the controversy surrounding Hilaria’s Spanish-ness.

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If you need a quick recap, two years ago Hilaria made headlines when people began pointing out that her Spanish accent wavered. Her official bio says she was born in Mallorca and, in interviews, she has implied that she moved to the US to attend NYU. However, despite being included in Hispanic and Latinx press, Hilaria is actually “Hilary” — a white woman born in Boston to parents who have appeared to move to Spain just a decade ago.

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Not a single person asked, but FWIW I am a first-gen immigrant who was raised bilingual and then moved to the US to go to NYU.

In the wake of the scandal, Hilaria described herself on Instagram as “fluid,” “multi,” and that she was raised in “two cultures.”

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It’s still not super clear exactly how much time Hilaria spent in Spain.

This kind of language is evoked in the gender reveal video. Quotes from the Baldwin children include: “Be proud of being a multi human,” “[You’re] fluid, and on the spectrum,” “[Move] freely in your cultures,” “No one can define your cultures,” and “Labels are lazy.”

The video ends with everyone saying how excited they are to meet their new sister/daughter.

A very specific gender reveal, if you ask me!!!

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