Jim Carrey Once Tried To Kiss Will Smith, Here’s How He Reacted

Following his controversial ‘Oscar‘ incident, everything Will Smith has done is now under a microscope. Other celebs have spoken out about the ordeal, including Jim Carrey, who was not pleased about Smith’s actions. Though in turn, fans would shade Jim Carrey for an ‘MTV Awards‘ moment alongside Alicia Silverstone.

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Smith isn’t a fan of getting kissed, just ask Russian reporter Vitalii Sediuk who tried pecking Smith at the ‘Men In Black’ premiere, only to be slapped by the film star. Years ago in the ’90s, Carrey attempted to kiss Will Smith as well, but he was not successful. Let’s take a look at how that moment played out.


What Happened Between Jim Carrey And Will Smith?

There really wasn’t any kind of beef between Jim Carrey and Will Smith. However, following Smith’s slap to Chris Rock, Jim Carrey had a lot to say about the matter. It was clear, the comedian was none too pleased with Will’s reaction.

“I was sickened by the standing ovation. I felt like Hollywood is just spineless en masse, and it really felt like, oh, this is a really clear indication that we’re not the cool club anymore.”

Carrey would further discuss that he would have sued Will Smith for $200 million over the slap.

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It should be noted that Carrey did feel some sympathy for Will, calling the moment deeper than just a slap for Smith. “It was more than just an insult to someone’s wife. Jada’s a tough girl. She can defend herself. She wasn’t being physically attacked. What that was someone who was beyond the bandwidth, and he thought more about how he was looking in that moment than what was the right thing to do.”

The two would cross paths earlier on in their careers at the ‘MTV Awards’. This time around, Smith had fun with the moment alongside Carrey.

Will Smith Reacted Better To The ‘MTV Awards’ Moment Than At The ‘Oscars’

Will Smith does not like to be kissed at random. Just ask reporter Vitalii Sediuk. While on the red carpet promoting ‘Men In Black‘ in Russia, Smith back-handed the interviewer for getting too close. He was also caught saying, “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.”

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Jim Carrey was a little luckier during the ‘MTV Awards‘ moment. His face did n’t receive any damage … The moment took place after Will Smith took home the award for ‘Best Kiss‘ alongside Vivica A. Fox in ‘Independence Day’ back in 1996.

The lighthearted moment saw Will Smith turn to Jim Carrey before receiving his award, with Jim pretending to plank a kiss on Smith while the actor held back.

This time around, it was all in good fun, and Smith seemed to have fun with the brief encounter.

The moment was posted to YouTube in 2008, and it now has over 1 million views. Clearly, following Jim Carrey’s controversial statement, fans flocked to the video, wanting to see what their previous encounters were like. Fans were split about the moment.

What Did The Fans Think Of The Moment Between Jim Carrey And Will Smith?

There are fans trying to counter Carrey’s claims, making mention that he was overly-aggressive with Alicia Silverstone and Will Smith during the ‘MTV Awards’with no repercussions having taken place.

As for the video of Carrey and Smith, fans were split, with some enjoying the moment, while others visited the video after the Chris Rock slap and Jim Carrey’s comments.

“Here after Jim Carrey’s interview on Will smith’s slap.”

“Lol! It looks like Will started to panic after the first couple of seconds, like he thought Jim Carrey was actually going to go for it. Rofl.”

“There goes Will – laughing and playing along and then changing his mind and getting physical.”

“If you look closely, it was either pre planned, or a spur of the moment comedic move by both of them. Will is literally running to Jim, knowing more than just an embrace is imminent…and on TOP OF IT, Will tilts his head as a person does when going for a kiss. The whole thing seemed staged for comedic purposes tbh.”

Following what went down with Will at the ‘Oscars‘, these types of moments might be few and far between moving forward.

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