Justin Hawkins thinks Jon Bon Jovi needs to stop singing

In recent years, The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins has turned into one of the music industry’s more unexpected voices of reason. Beyond the layers of glittering spandex and that tongue-in-cheek cock-rock swagger Hawkins possesses untold wisdom, which he now serves up regularly via quick-witted, analytical commentary on his YouTube channel Justin Hawkins Rides Again.

After witnessing recent performances by Bon Jovi, Hawkins took to his channel to offer constructive, and empathetic, criticism on Jon Bon Jovi’s vocals. In the video’s caption, he writes “Bon Jovi has been on tour this year but unfortunately fans and critics have noticed that his performances are…lacking? Some are concerned about his voice and his ability to continue singing live. Is it over for him now?”

Through studying live clips, Hawkins tries to offer an explanation as to why Jon Bon Jovi—whose vocals have always been regarded as technically impressive—can sound so disappointing.

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