Kao the Kangaroo Trailer Reveals Kao’s Allies in the New Game

The recent push for remakes and reboots of classic 3D platformers like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragonand even MediEvil, has borne strange fruit. The latest example is the reboot of Kao the Kangaroo, an action platformer series that hasn’t been seen in 17 years. Launching in late May, Kao the Kangaroo is now tasked with standing out in a crowd. Kao the Kangaroo isn’t balking at the challenge, however. one of Kao the Kangaroo‘s promises is its heart, as shown in its new trailer focusing on Kao’s friends and family.


the story of Kao the Kangaroo is a story of family. Kao’s adventure revolves around his love not just for his direct family, his mother and sister, but also the faith he has in the friends he relies on. The new trailer for Kao the Kangaroo introduces some of these figures. These are the characters who Kao will rely on to complete his journey.

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First, there’s Walt, an anthropomorphic koala who also happens to be a master fighter. Walt is a mentor to Kao and will help the kangaroo rise to the challenges before him. Walt isn’t just Kao’s mentor, however. His role in the story goes deeper than that. Walt was also a mentor to Kao’s father, a long-missing figure from Kao’s life that Kao is hoping to learn more about. Walt may be just the person to help.

The second character focused on in the new Kao the Kangaroo trailer is Marlene, Kao’s mother. Marlene holds the title of Iron Lady of the Kangaroo Village, which should make clear her disposition. She’s not only the strength behind the village where Kao lives but behind Kao’s family, too. Marlene will serve as a foundation for Kao the Kangaroo‘s story, someone that helps Kao understand the importance of family and duty. She’s both the reason Kao will want to stay in Kangaroo Village, as well as why he knows the importance of leaving.

Third in the video is the pelican Gadget, one of Kao’s closest friends. Gadget is an inventor and will help Kao in ways that Walt is unable. Of course, Gadget will also help show that family goes beyond blood relations, too. Expect Gadget to play a gameplay role in expanding Kao’s 3D platforming toolkit.

There’s obviously a world to explore and more characters to discover in Kao the Kangaroo beyond those introduced in this trailer. But Walt, Marlene, and Gadget should offer an idea of ​​the style of experience that awaits players in the game. Kao the Kangaroo is off to find his missing sister, but he won’t be on his adventure alone.

Kao the Kangaroo releases May 27 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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