Moviedle Is A New Wordle-Like Game For Movie Fans

Moviedle is a new Wordle-like game for movie fans, testing a player’s film knowledge using clips from the movie rather than words or pictures.

moviedle is a new wordle-like game for movie fans, exchanging the original’s word-based formula for something more visual. wordle has continued to captivate wordssmiths around the world, garnering upwards of 45 million daily users during the height of its popularity. That success hasn’t seemed to wane much, as the game continues to trend on Twitter with players sharing their daily wordle box. The game’s simplistic design, ability to stimulate both the language and logic centers of the brain, and its easy virality are just a few reasons why wordle It is so popular. Over the past few months, some developers have jumped on the bandwagon, creating interesting variations on wordle‘S formula.


wordle has spawned many clones across dozens of genres, though none have captivated an audience like the original. That said, some wordle clones offer exciting alternatives to the word game, incorporating different elements that entice fans. More straightforward clones, like Octordletask players with completing multiple wordle puzzles at once, while others, like Antiwordl to, ask players to avoid getting the correct answer altogether. There has also been a trend of making wordle for every genre imaginable, like marvlea Marvel-themed clone, or even rolldlewhich gives players six chances to recreate a Destiny 2 weapon roll. The trend has become so enticing that even a Minecraft player has built a working wordle in-game.

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Startup AugX has spawned a new wordle-like game for movie fans, as moviedle tasks players with solving the day’s puzzle using a single, condensed clip of an entire film. like wordleplayers get six tries to guess the movie, and each subsequent clip becomes slower and longer, making it easier to guess the correct answer. moviedle‘s UI looks vastly different from wordle‘s but the concept is the same, as players use clues from the box to figure out the puzzle’s daily answer. What sets moviedle apart from other movie-based wordle clones is that it doesn’t tell you how close the chosen answer was to the correct one, instead it slows down the movie clip to make figuring it out a bit easier. like wordlecorrect answers can be shared on social media or directly with friends, and the website even shows fans where to stream the daily movie.

Wordle is a beloved web puzzle

Movie-themed wordle clones have already popped up over the Internet. One example, Framed, challenges players with guessing the correct movie based on a still from the movie. still, moviedle offers an interesting variety to wordle‘S format. Instead of pictures it is the traditional wordle box, the game presents a sped-up clip that challenges the player’s visual processing abilities. The key seems to be identifying key characters in the movie within the one-second timeframe, which can prove difficult with big-name stars. What’s especially noteworthy about moviedle is that movie answers seem to vary in genre, with past answers including murder-mystery Knives Outs to comedy films borate.

There seems to be no end to wordle copycats, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While wordle‘s simplistic design elements are enticing to many, the fact that it’s limited to one daily puzzle can be frustrating. Having other options like wordle‘s battle royale alternative, squabblecan scratch the itch to play even after solving the original’s daily puzzle.

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