New D&D Rules The Board Game Will Introduce To 5e

The upcoming Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn board game for Dungeons & Dragons will feature rules for importing characters into a mass battle system.

The Dragonlance campaign setting is returning to Dungeons & Dragons in an unusual way, as it’s combining an adventure/setting book with a board game that will handle mass battles. The adventure book will involve a traditional D&D story campaign, with dungeons and exploration, while the board game will feature engagements from the War of the Lance. The two books will introduce new rules that will make characters from one compatible with the other.

The Dragonlance adventure book is called Shadow of the Dragon Queenwhile the board game is called Warriors of Krynn. The two are set during the opening of the War of the Lance, which was a conflict that occurred throughout the continent of Ansalon in the world of Krynn. The servants of the evil goddess Takhisis formed the dragonarmies, in an effort to take over Krynn with the aid of the chromatic dragons. The Heroes of the Lance that appeared in the Dragonlance novels would play a huge role in foiling Takhisis’ plans, but the readers were only given a small glimpse of the events of the War of the Lance, plenty leaving of room for stories in D&D‘s Dragonlance campaign setting to be told in the tabletop game by players around the world.


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D&D 5e currently lacks rules for mass battles, but Warriors of Krynn will change that. There are few details regarding Warriors of Krynn available at the moment and it’s unclear if it’s going to be part of a bigger series, but it will include rules that will be interesting to D&D fans. both Shadow of the Dragon Queen and Warriors of Krynn will launch later in 2022 and more information will be revealed about them in the future, especially if they’re set to be the big holiday season release for 2022.

Dragonlance Will Let Players Import Their D&D Characters Into A Mass Battle Board Game

Dragonlance Battle Cover Dungeons & Dragons

Warriors of Krynn work a D&D board game that will be compatible with Shadow of the Dragon Queen. Screen Rant recently took part in a press event after the first D&D Direct, where D&D Executive Producer Ray Winniger mentioned that Warriors of Krynn will allow players to bring their characters over from Shadow of the Dragon Queenas there will be rules for importing D&D characters into the board game. This means players can turn their characters into heroes and leaders on the battlefield, allowing them to mix the small-scale events of exploring dungeons with the large-scale battles that can happen in a fantasy world.

The introduction of these rules is also interesting for D&D homebrew campaign DMs and players, as it will create a framework for using the Warriors of Krynn system with different campaigns. D&D 5e currently lacks mass battle rules, though groups could import the 3e rules from Heroes of Battle if they needed to. The fact that Warriors of Krynn will have rules for translating the tabletop RPG characters into board game rules will be useful outside of the new Dragonlance products, as it will provide a framework for groups to use it in other Dungeons & Dragonsand for conflicts outside of the War of the Lance.

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Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen and Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn will launch in late 2022.

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