‘Selling Sunset’ star Amanza Smith has a secret boyfriend

Amanza Smith confirmed she’s in a relationship, but is keeping her boyfriend’s identity a secret.

“We came to the decision together very early on that we didn’t want to be posting about our relationship on social media and being in the public,” the “Selling Sunset” star, 45, told People on Monday. “I don’t know, it’s a slippery slope.”

The reality star added that while she thinks it’s “more of a fun game” to be private, the two aren’t necessarily hiding their romance.

“People have taken pictures of us when we are out in public,” Smith claimed.

“People know. I just choose not to purposely prance it in front of the media.”

The interior designer shared that she wants to make sure she and her lover of two years are “100% sure” when they do decide to go public – so that “nobody can affect the energy of that.”

Smith’s good friend and “Selling Sunset” co-star Mary Fitzgerald previously dropped some clues about her pal’s mystery man.

She told Express.co.uk in December 2021 that Smith’s boyfriend is a soccer player and that he couldn’t appear on their Netflix show because he “lives in Istanbul.”

Amanza Smith laughing in a scene from
The reality star has not talked about her current love life on “Selling Sunset.”

Smith – who shares two kids, daughter Noah and son Braker, with ex-husband Ralph Brown – also told People that her boyfriend is “amazing with everything, including my children.”

“He’s just an amazing human,” she added. “Hopefully, one day I will feel comfortable to share with the world, but for now, I like having him private. It’s really the only thing in my life that people don’t know about fully.”

Although Smith is staying tightlipped about her current relationship, she’s been vocal about many of the issues surrounding her custody battle with her kids’ father on “Selling Sunset.”

Mary Fitzgerald and Amanza Smith on “Selling Sunset.”
Mary Fitzgerald previously teased that her co-star’s boyfriend is a soccer player who “lives in Istanbul.”

During Season 2, which aired in 2020, the realtor claimed that the former NFL player had gone “off the grid” and had not reached out to her or their children.

Smith was sole legal and physical custody in granted the fall of 2021.

“We will never be ‘over’ the absence of their father,” the Netflix star said in a statement at the time. “But hopefully we can move forward in a more positive way now that we are unhindered by the legal obstacles that prevented me from making the decisions that are best for us as a family of three.”


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