Shady Park to stop music after judge’s ruling in ASU noise dispute

A Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled in favor of Mirabella at ASU, a 20-story senior-living high-rise, and several residents in a lawsuit against Shady Park Tempe, a popular EDM club on East University Drive just off Mill Avenue.

The university opened the high-rise in late December 2020 while the club was closed due to the pandemic.

Shady Park’s owner, Scott Price, has been programming music in that spot since 2014.

“This is simply devastating news,” Price says. “We strongly disagree with the findings, and we will be appealing immediately.”

The ruling will force Shady Park to cease all live music operations immediately, as the mandate restrictionsd make it impossible for the venue to hold live music events.

“If this bad decision is upheld, Shady Park will be forced to close its doors to so many of our friends, family and employees,” Price says. “This is because the revenue from shows is vital to our ability to pay for the other business operations.”

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