The PS5’s New Worst Game Is Now Delaying New Content

Image: Babylon’s Fall Babylon’s Fall fell indeed, and now the live-service loot slasher’s next season is going to last twice as long as Square Enix had originally planned. After promising players everything was just fine a couple months ago, Platinum Games is now planning to “re-evaluate” its future content plans. Babylon’s Fall, which has players … Read more

Activision Makes ‘Diversity Tool’ For Overwatch 2, Call of Duty

Image: Activision Blizzard Today Activision Blizzard fulfilled its daily oopsie quota by blogging about how the publisher’s subsidiaries have apparently been using a special tool to help develop more “diverse” characters. It apparently thinks it can accomplish this without, I don’t know, actually talking to or hiring marginalized developers. Why rely on pesky, fallible humans … Read more

NASCAR Is Already Looking To Ditch Motorsport Games: Report

Image: Motorsport Games When NASCAR 21: Ignition released late last year, it was immediately apparent something wasn’t right with it. This was NASCAR’s first video game developed from scratch by Motorsport Games, the upstart publisher that’s gone on a tear in recent years to snap up a bevy of exclusive licenses — from the pinnacle … Read more