Teen Mom fans outraged over Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason’s ‘offensive’ T-shirt & ‘transphobic slur’ in new post

TEEN Mom fans slammed Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason for creating an extremely offensive clothing line after he showed it off in a new photo.

Followers also blasted him for, while showcasing one of his new pieces of merch, including a “transphobic” slur in the caption.

Fans blasted David Eason for creating an offensive T-shirt and showing it off on social media


Fans blasted David Eason for creating an offensive T-shirt and showing it off on social mediaCredits: Instagram
Followers blasted Jenelle Evans' husband for using a 'transphobic' slur in his caption, as well


Followers blasted Jenelle Evans’ husband for using a ‘transphobic’ slur in his caption, as wellCredit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans

In the new snap, David leaned against a tree while wearing a gray shirt that read, “Super straight,” along with the logo for Chick-fil-A, which has often been accused of having homophobic ties.

Aside from taking issue with the tee, fans also became outraged over Jenelle’s husband’s caption.

In it, he used a slur when saying “this tree was explaining to me what it’s like to be” an intersex person.

David added: “I said dengue there’s a lot of people out there that would be sooo jealous.

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“Merch line coming soon!!!

“(This design will not be available as Chic fil only allows employees or owners to use their logo).”

Teen Mom fans shared the post on Reddit and blasted David for being “so cringey.”

One user wrote: “Hes so bothered by people living their lives that he had to make merch over it.

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“I can’t imagine what living in that house must be like. Between her complaining about everything and him ranting about gay and trans people and them fighting all the time, it has to be soul sucking.”

Another said: “So it’s harmful to his children to be around gay or trans people, but it’s perfectly fine and normal to flaunt HIS sexuality around his kids (with a gun strapped to his hip for extra flair).”

A third called out “his toxic masculinity, his constant need to tear down others, [and] his homophobic/transphobic nature.”

Just a few weeks ago, David faced backlash after targeting a trans woman in several TikTok videos.

The TV personality re-shared a trans influencer named Olivia’s post, as she sat with a friend in the park saying: “F**k you David Eason, like for real.”

David then joined in the video to clap back as he mocked the woman’s laugh, sarcastically giggling and saying: “That was so funny.”

The MTV star captioned his post: “This man dressed like a woman keeps tagging me talking s**t.

“Then he has the nerve to tag me in a whole other video about how he ‘would never come to my page and dump on me.’ Like mf that’s what you just did!”

“Your friend @bbyegan_ sent you here. Then you cry wolf when I point out straight facts! First you was laughing now you’re all mad… What happened to ‘get along and go with the flow?'” he ranted.

Then, in a second video, David re-shared yet another post from Olivia where she asked her fans: “Wouldn’t you just want to be with somebody that thrives and just supports everybody and goes with the flow with everything?”

He then hopped on the camera as he mocked the social media star by saying the same words as before but using a deep voice.

“Sorry my voice is so deep today I forgot to take my hormone treatment,” he slammed.

Then, in a third and final post, David raised his voice to a higher pitch to once again imitate his social media nemesis.

Fans were enraged by the interaction, taking to Reddit to slam the father of three for his behavior.

“David ‘I’m not any kind of phobic’ Eason purposefully misgendering someone like the transphobic a**hole he is,” one wrote while re-sharing the TV star’s post.

Some slammed him on TikTok as well, with one angrily asking: “Does it make you feel like more of man to come on this platform and bully girls for literally no reason?”

Fans aren’t the only ones who have blasted David over his various comments about the LGBTQ community over the years.

Late last year, Jenelle’s former Teen Mom co-star Farrah Abraham agreed with a follower calling David “violent and homophobic.”

The Teen Mom OG alum lashed out at him after it was claimed that both Jenelle and Farrah were considered for the franchise’s spinoff but only the latter was cast.

A fan post a screenshot of an article about Jenelle’s claims on her Instagram Stories.

With it, the user had written: “MTV: Let’s talk about coming back! Jenelle: Not unless I can bring my violent homophobic threatening unemployed huzbin.

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“MTV: Bye! You are crazy! We will get @farrahabraham.”

Farrah made sure to reshare the whole post to her own Instagram in agreeement.

David has often come under fire for his comments about the LGBTQ community


David has often come under fire for his comments about the LGBTQ communityCredits: YouTube
Recently, followers blasted him for making fun of a trans woman


Recently, followers blasted him for making fun of a trans womanCredits: Instagram

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