The Next FIFA Game Might Actually Be Good

With EA no longer making FIFA games, perhaps the next entry in the franchise will actually be good – and not bogged down by microtransactions.

EA and Fifa are ending their long-standing partnership of games, and it could be the best thing to happen to the sports franchise in a long time. Instead, EA will make self-branded soccer games instead of Fifa. Meanwhile, Fifa games will continue to release – just with a new developer at the helm. All of this comes after rampant rumors that the two were splitting after EA made new trademark filings, and while it may not be surprising, it’s good news for people who love Fifa games.

FIFA 22 was released with positive-to-mixed reviews, but it was a sign that the long-running IP was on its last legs. Complaints included an over-reliance on microtransactions, a lack of important improvements, and general “it’s more of the same” sentiments. Most of the franchise’s problems were blamed on EA, a company that’s become known for using microtransactions in its games far too often. In fact, many fans have called out EA over microtransactions in Fifa multiple times since FIFA 22 was released.


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The use of microtransactions has been a growing problem in the gaming industry for quite some time and appears to only have gotten worse. Despite fan backlash sometimes getting companies like EA to rethink their policies – which happened, albeit temporarily, when EA released Star Wars Battlefront 2 – the money that comes in from microtransactions is too lucrative for most studios to ignore completely. And with each new entry of Fifa games, it becomes more apparent that microtransactions are ruining the series.

FIFA Without EA Needs To Avoid Microtransactions Completely

more Fifa games after EA deal ends

The problem with video game microtransactions isn’t unique to EA and Fifa, but it does highlight why the partnership between the two could have ended. A self-branded soccer game from EA will almost certainly have microtransactions, whereas the next Fifa game could break away from all that. In order to truly succeed, the next Fifa game should focus on gameplay – making a quality soccer title that cares more about offering well-developed entertainment than shaking players down for cash.

At this point, it’s really too early to know if the next Fifa game will be good, but EA ending its license seems hopeful. As one of the most popular franchises in the world, Fifa deserves a quality game that appeals to longtime fans and newcomers. A game focused more on teams, career modes, customizability, and multiplayer would be much better than one primarily concerned with microtransactions.

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