WATCH: Jada Pinkett Smith Couldn’t Contain Her Excitement Once for Dwayne Johnson

There’s a reason why Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is a massive hit globally. Not only is Dwayne Johnson referred to as the “People’s Champ” in WWE, but he has the same charisma even in Hollywood. The moment Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson steps anywhere, the fans’ love follows him.


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Just like the fans all around, once Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, had the same reaction towards The People’s Champ. This is a rare sight for the fans as they witnessed Jada Pinkett Smith extremely happy for the wrestler turned actor. This happened during one of the MTV Generation Awards shows.

Jada Pinkett Smith thrilled with Dwayne Johnson at the Awards Show!


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Back in 2019, former WWE World Champion The Rock won the Generation Award at MTV Movie & TV Awards. In addition, Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, made her presence during the MTV Awards show.

Before receiving the award, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a grand entry on the stage. Many fans expected Johnson to enter with his WWE theme song at MTV Awards. However, that did not happen!

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The wrestler turned actor entered with the Queen’s “We Will Rock You” song. This was the most beautiful entry of Dwayne Johnson, as he also danced with performers and was inspired by the Samoan dynasty.

Dwayne Johnson’s entry at MTV Awards show ended with him raising his one eyebrow as the classic move. Therefore, the grand entrance of Dwayne Johnson was a moment of excitement for Jada Pinkett Smith. She could n’t control her delight when Johnson received the award.

The Rock had a beautiful message for the audience!

The former WWE World Champion had the largest pop when he won the Generation Awards. Johnson appreciated the efforts of dancers and choreographers during the MTV show.

In addition, The Rock also credited the women in his house, as he believes winning the award was not possible without them. While thanking the fans, Dwayne Johnson shared a quick lesson that he learned in his life.


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Johnson mentioned, “The most powerful thing that we can be ourselves. I love what Zachery was saying because that’s us. We’re always that little kid, and we’re still that little kid, just aspiring to be something better, aspiring to be important.”

Johnson added that he was told to do certain things he didn’t want to when he first moved to Hollywood. For instance, Johnson was told to drop some weight and stop working out.


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Notably, he was told not to call himself The Rock. This is the name that made Dwayne Johnson’s life a full circle. However, The Rock stuck to his true self and noted that being yourself is the most crucial thing in life.

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