6 Reasons Why am I always hungry? (And How To Fix It)

If your stomach is constantly “rumbling” from food and you feel empty, it’s not always because you’re very hungry. There are many reasons why you can’t find a feeling of fullness and feel hungry even though you’ve eaten recently.

Nocturnal visits to the refrigerator due to food cravings can be a simple symptom of an inadequate diet or a warning of a medical problem that you should consult with your doctor.

We’ve done some digging and have put together several likely explanations for why your body craves more food. These are some of the reasons for this feeling and what to do to avoid it.

Why am I always hungry?

Eating too many refined carbohydrates

6 Reasons You're Hungry All The Time (and How to Fix It)

Refined carbohydrates can be found in any processed food, especially pasta, baked goods, and sugary foods. The lack of fiber causes your body to digest it quickly, so hunger strikes immediately and the feeling of fullness that accompanies eating is only temporary.

High-fiber foods have been shown to take longer to digest, so adding fiber to our diet is a good solution here.

If you consistently stop providing your body with refined carbohydrates and replace them with healthier foods like whole grains, brown rice, and vegetables, you’ll soon see a difference in your hunger levels.


6 Reasons You're Hungry All The Time (and How to Fix It)

Diabetes, specifically type 2 diabetes, is a disease that can cause hunger all the time. Due to diabetes, glucose, our source of energy, stays in the blood instead of spreading to the cells.

This makes the person suffering from it feel hungry. Many celebrities, including Tom Hanks, have been diagnosed with diabetes and are still living wonderful lives.

Feeling hungry is just one of the symptoms of diabetes, which can be diagnosed through a blood test. After a proper examination, through medication and a special diet, it can be controlled and these symptoms will disappear for a long time.

Working hard

6 Reasons You're Hungry All The Time (and How to Fix It)

This is one of the good reasons why you can often feel hungry. If you exercise a lot, you burn a lot of calories, and as a result, your body craves more calories. People who exercise regularly and for long periods develop faster metabolism and increased appetite.

Training is good for our health, so the focus should be on what and when we eat. According to studies, a nutritious meal before exercise improves physical performance and also minimizes the chances of muscle damage.

Being on certain medications

6 Reasons You're Hungry All The Time (and How to Fix It)

Increased appetite can also be a side effect of many medications due to certain elements they contain. The most common are cortisol, insulin, clozapine, and olanzapine, which can be found in diabetes medications, antidepressants, or mood stabilizers.

If you gain weight or feel hungry after taking a new medication, it’s best to talk to your doctor and discuss whether you can alternate your treatment or find another way to manage side effects.

Too much stress (emotional eating)

6 Reasons You're Hungry All The Time (and How to Fix It)

It is well known that constant anxiety has serious effects on our health and increasing our appetite is one of them. Stress eating (or emotional eating) is a common disorder that demonstrates how excess stress is related to our feelings of hunger.

From a scientific point of view, anxiety causes an increase in the hormone cortisol and leads to overeating and unhealthy snacking.

Stress is a risk factor for obesity and must be treated early. Therapy, meditation, and exercise are ways to help you regain balance and self-control and avoid emotional eating.

Eating too fast or when distracted

6 Reasons You're Hungry All The Time (and How to Fix It)

In our busy lives, many of us choose to eat fast and while doing other things. Even if you save time, this habit is not good for your health. Scientists say that fast or distracted eating negatively affects our appetite rate, increases the calories we eat, and leads to weight gain and constant cravings.

It is very important to give meals the time they deserve. Take the time to sit down and eat your lunch without being distracted, chewing carefully and savoring each bite. This way you will be more aware of your feeling of satiety.

We hope you found some good explanations for your problems here. What does your diet include? What do you do when desires knock on your door? Let us know in the comments.

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