Why Did Sara Ramirez Divorce Their Husband After Almost 10 Years?

Sara Ramirez is known for their roles in Grey’s Anatomy, Madam Secretary, and Just Like That. Ramirez met husband-to-be Ryan DeBolt at a gray’s after-after-party, and there was an instant connection between the two.

Ramirez has called DeBolt their soulmate. in 2011Grey’s Anatomy fans were delighted when news broke that during a romantic trip to Paris, the business analyst proposed and the actor had accepted.

In a rare interview at the time, Ramirez spoke about how they were skeptical about marriage. “I come from a family that’s divorced, and that gives you a sense of caution,” they told parade.


Despite their concern, the couple was married a year after getting engaged, exchanging vows in a private ceremony on a beach in New York.

In July 2021 Ramirez Announced That The Couple Was Splitting

Last July, Ramirez released an emotional post announcing they were splitting from their husband after almost 10 years.

The couple has not divulged any further information, which is not unexpected. Ramirez is known for being intensely private about their relationships.

Ramirez Came Out To Friends And Family At 18

the Just Like That actor has spoken about how, growing up, they had to conform to dressing in a certain way, which felt wrong for them. It was when a school teacher heard them sing, that things changed, and they could start being themself.

Cast in a musical, Ramirez impressed audiences, moving on to study at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York. That led to roles on Broadway, and ultimately, a Tony award-winning performance in the Monty Python musical spamalot

The theater world allowed Ramirez to explore their sexuality, and from the age of 18, Ramirez started coming out to family and close friends. It’s likely Ramirez’s husband was aware of their sexual orientation before they were married.

Ramirez Moved From Theater To Television

The Tony award led to Ramirez being offered an amazing opportunity to choose a role on any ABC series. they selected Grey’s Anatomy, a series they had always enjoyed watching.

In 2006 Ramirez was introduced to gray’s fans as Callie, an orthopedic surgeon, and girlfriend for the popular character of intern George O’Malley. The character of Callie wasn’t originally identified as queer. It was during Ramirez’s second season on the show that they and series creator, Shonda Rhimes, started to explore Callie’s sexual orientation.

In 2009, Callie Torres came out as bisexual on Grey’s Anatomy, and went on to become the longest-running LGBT character in television history. Callie is one of the characters Gray’s fans still wish would come back to the series . Callie has also been named as one of the best characters in a Shonda Rhimes show.

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While the actor embraced the role, it was a more difficult decision to make in real life. Ramirez, who identifies as bisexual and non-binary, was concerned that an announcement would affect their career negatively. Television and the massive exposure it carried, made Ramirez nervous about coming out publicly.

As Ramirez said later, ‘I was afraid of the discrimination I may face not just outside Hollywood but also within.’

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Did Sara’s Coming Out Impact Their Marriage?

A mass killing at a gay nightclub in Florida shocked the world. For Ramirez, it was a double blow: The attack had taken place on the club’s “Latin Night”. As a result, almost all victims were Hispanic.

The Pluse nightclub shooting made Ramirez want to do something to help the LGBTQIA+ community. As a high profile entertainer, their profile could draw more attention and empower the communities that needed help.

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In October, 2016, Ramirez came out at a seminar for homeless LGBT youth. A staunch protector of the rights of the LGBT community, today they are on the Board of Directors of the True Colors Fund.

Of Just Like That, the spin-off from Sex And The City, Ramirez plays Cynthia Nixon’s new love interest. The character they play, Che Diaz, has not been popular with all the fans, with some calling Che the worst TV character in a decade.

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Throughout the couple’s marriage, DeBolt seems to have been respectful and supportive of his wife’s choices, and the couple had no children.

Sara Ramirez’s Divorce Wasn’t Acrimonious

In an interview with out, Ramirez described the separation process as “very tender and vulnerable.”

We had a foundation of real love,” Ramirez said. “I am just so grateful that we were able to work through that process with such grace, with such integrity, with such honesty and open communication.”

Ramirez added that they and DeBolt were rooting for each other throughout their separation process. The two have remained close.

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