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This week’s WWE Smackdown featured the “Head of the Desk” Undisputed WWE Champion Common Roman Reigns addressing Drew McIntyre forward in their championship fit at Conflict on the Fortress on September 3.

This week’s Smackdown is the blue emblem’s first display since Summerslam ultimate Saturday night time. Along with Reigns/McIntyre, WWE additionally marketed a girls’s Gauntlet Fit that includes Raquel Rodriguez, Aliyah, Shotzi, Xia Li, Shayna Baszler, Natalya and Sonya Deville with the winner difficult Liv Morgan for the Smackdown Ladies’s Identify at Conflict on the Fortress. In addition they promoted Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ludwig Kaiser once more. This will probably be their 3rd fit within the ultimate month (Nakamura gained on July 8, and Kaiser gained on July 22). It used to be introduced that if Nakamura wins then he will get a shot on the Intercontinental Identify held by means of Gunther.

From the Bon Secours Wellness Area in Greenville, South Carolina that is Smackdown for episode #1198. Practice me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

There used to be a video package deal that confirmed highlights from SummerSlam. It took about 4 mins to get via it all. They confirmed so much.

They confirmed a GMC truck arriving on the construction with The Usos within the automobile. Jey used to be riding. Their cousin Roman Reigns used to be in some other automobile and so they walked in opposition to the construction in combination.

It used to be Michael Cole and Pat McAfee on statement as standard. They did a rundown of what’s arising all through this week’s display. Pat used to be glad in regards to the ball kicking that he did on Saturday at SummerSlam. They confirmed a clip when Glad Corbin knocked referee Charles Robinson down, so Pat delivered a low blow kick to the groin. They replayed it a number of instances with some noises incorporated, which used to be humorous. Anyway, Pat completed off Corbin in a while after that. Pat: “When that foot hit his balls, I used to be in natural euphoria.”

Glad Corbin used to be proven staring at what Pat used to be appearing. Some wrestlers have been status by means of as smartly. Corbin informed Ricochet it wasn’t humorous. Ricochet informed Corbin they will have to have a fit presently. I assume not anything else used to be booked. Certain. Let’s have a fit.

Ricochet made his front first adopted by means of Glad Corbin. Pat mentioned how perhaps Corbin will probably be a greater particular person after what came about at SummerSlam.

Ricochet vs. Glad Corbin

Ricochet to the apron, he kicked Corbin within the head and have shyed away from a slam strive. Ricochet kicked Corbin in order that Corbin bumped to the ground. Ricochet hit a somersault dive excessive onto Corbin. Again within the ring, Ricochet jumped off the highest, Corbin moved out of the way in which and hit a clothesline with Ricochet doing a turn bump to promote it. Corbin hit a again elbow to the face. Corbin with a difficult whip into the nook that ended in a sternum bump by means of Ricochet. Corbin despatched Ricochet to the apron, when Ricochet attempted an assault from there, Corbin punched Ricochet to knock him down. The lovers chanted “McAfee” for Pat whilst Cole mentioned “WWE lovers” as an alternative of “universe” in order that’s great. Ricochet have shyed away from Corbin, double stomp to the again, two kicks whilst at the apron and Corbin have shyed away from a moonsault at the flooring. Corbin despatched Ricochet into the hoop submit resulting in a wreck.


Corbin remained in regulate as he hit an enormous again frame drop with Ricochet getting a large number of top. Ricochet have shyed away from some other again frame drop, then he bounced off the ropes with an elbow and a clothesline off the turnbuckle. Ricochet hit a status Taking pictures Famous person Press for a two rely. Corbin blocked a transfer, Ricochet with a bot to the face, however then Corbin stuck Ricochet off the ropes. Corbin hit a spinning slam off the shoulders right into a neckbreaker for a two rely. Corbin with a boost, Ricochet with a hurricanrana and a sundown turn for 2. Ricochet off the ropes resulting in the Deep Six slam for the 2 rely. That transfer virtually at all times will get a two rely, but Corbin used to be surprised by means of it. Ricochet attempted a sundown turn off the ropes, Corbin stopped that and Corbin tossed Ricochet off the turnbuckle in order that his throat hit the highest rope. Corbin used to be distracted having a look at Pat, so Ricochet tripped him up at the most sensible with Corbin getting crotched. Ricochet with double knees to the face. Ricochet went up most sensible and hit an improbable Taking pictures Famous person Press for the pinfall win after 12 mins.

Winner by means of pinfall: Ricochet

Research: *** A sexy just right larger guy-smaller man fit. I believe Ricochet will probably be booked beautiful smartly with Triple H working ingenious. I do know Ricochet used to be a former IC Champion, however every now and then he went weeks at a time with out getting used. That are meant to exchange. Anyway, the principle tale used to be about Corbin struggling some other low blow all through a fit as a result of he used to be crotched around the most sensible rope and Ricochet capitalized to get the win. It sort of feels like they’re doing a dropping streak gimmick for Corbin, who misplaced to Madcap Moss a couple of misplaced, he misplaced to McAfee at SummerSlam and misplaced this fit as smartly.

Submit fit, Pat threw a Nerf soccer to Ricochet and Ricochet threw it again. Pat (the previous NFL punter) punted the ball into the gang.

There’s a girls’s Gauntlet Fit later within the display. The graphic mentioned it used to be up subsequent, but it surely used to be now not up subsequent.

Sami Zayn used to be proven strolling behind the scenes and he knocked at the dressing room of Roman Reigns. That ended in a wreck.


The Usos walked out of Roman’s dressing room with Sami Zayn speaking to them. Jimmy mentioned that the Sensible Guy (Paul Heyman) wanted a couple of days at house after Brock put him via a desk. Zayn sought after to mention one thing to Reigns, Jey informed him it used to be now not a great time and Jimmy mentioned that they might textual content him later. The Usos went again into the room.

Research: This continues the tale about how Zayn thinks he’s an best friend of The Bloodline guys, however they don’t essentially take a look at him the similar manner.

There have been highlights proven of the Liv Morgan-Ronda Rousey fit at SummerSlam. Morgan gained by means of pinfall whilst Rousey used to be making use of an armbar. Morgan in fact tapped out prior to the 3 rely, however the referee didn’t see the faucet out and as an alternative counted Ronda down. Submit fit, Rousey beat up referee Dan Engler. Rousey used to be “fined and suspended” within the storyline.

Shinsuke Nakamura made his front with McAfee dancing at the statement desk as standard.

A business aired of the A&E Biography about Lex Luger on Sunday. Lex is without doubt one of the largest names in wrestling over the past 30 years that isn’t within the WWE Corridor of Status but. Perhaps it is going to occur inside of the following couple of years. I’ve watched all of the Biography presentations on wrestling stars. They do a just right activity.


There used to be a Vintage Smackdown Second backed by means of Pizza Hut. They confirmed a video from April 27, 2000 when Steve Austin blew up the DX Specific bus. The backstory to that is that that they had problems doing what they sought after to do and it took a very long time to do it. The certain factor for WWE is that it used to be a taped display, so the lovers had no concept that the taping of the phase used to be tousled.

Ludwig Kaiser made his front with the Intercontinental Champion Gunther.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ludwig Kaiser

If Nakamura wins then he will get to problem Gunther for the Intercontinental Identify. Cole discussed they each and every have wins towards eachother over the past month, which is what I discussed within the opening of this evaluation.

Kaiser used to be in regulate early with a few elbow pictures to the pinnacle. Kaiser stomped away on Nakamura within the nook. Nakamura blocked a kick, then he hit an elbow to the knee and drove his boot into the face. Nakamura with a knee to the ribs, then an enziguri kick and a knee drop. Nakamura tripped up Kaiser at the turnbuckle, then he hit a working knee to the ribs and a kick to the again. Kaiser hit a gutwrench suplex resulting in a wreck.


The fit returned with Nakamura suplexing Kaiser around the most sensible rope adopted by means of a kick to the again. Nakamura with a sliding kick adopted by means of the sliding German Suplex off the ropes. Nakamura were given in Gunther’s face, so Kaiser kicked Nakamura off the apron to the ground. Nakamura with a working knee to Kaiser, however Kaiser hit him with a working uppercut for 2. Kaiser hit a variation of an exploder suplex for a two rely. Nakamura countered a Kaiser transfer resulting in an armbar, Kaiser stomped at the chest and were given a two rely. Nakamura with a spin kick to the pinnacle adopted by means of a Kinshasa knee strike for the pinfall win after 9 mins.

Winner by means of pinfall: Shinsuke Nakamura

Research: **3/4 A cast fit to position over Nakamura as you could be expecting right here. They aren’t in point of fact pushing Kaiser at this level. Anyway, Kaiser did get offense within the fit and appeared credible prior to Nakamura used to be in a position to complete him off.

The win signifies that Nakamura will problem Gunther for the Intercontinental Identify on Smackdown subsequent week.

Nakamura did the “come on” gesture to Gunther resulting in a staredown between the 2 males.

Research: I believe Gunther will win. It will have to be a aggressive fit.

They confirmed a replay from ultimate week when The Viking Raiders beat The New Day and injured the left foot of Xavier Woods.

Kofi Kingston used to be interviewed behind the scenes by means of Megan Morant. Kofi mentioned how Xavier Woods used to be getting better from what came about ultimate week. Kofi mentioned that regardless of how repeatedly those vikings need to put them down, they maintain getting up and it’s now not only a gimmick when he says it’s a brand new day. Kofi mentioned it’s virtually time for him to make the vikings pay for what they did to Woods ultimate week.

Liv Morgan used to be up subsequent.

This Monday on Uncooked: Bobby Lashley defends the United States Identify towards Ciampa.


They confirmed some pictures from SummerSlam along side the media overlaying the display.

Sami Zayn used to be proven knocking at the locker room door of Roman Reigns. The Usos walked out of the room. Sami puzzled if Jimmy texted him as a result of there used to be deficient reception. Jimmy mentioned when the Sensible Guy (Heyman) is there, he is going to the manufacturing truck to verify the doorway of Roman Reigns is going off completely, so that they sought after Sami to do it. Sami left to move do it. Jey didn’t say anything else all through the dialogue.

Let’s Pay attention from Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan, the Smackdown Ladies’s Champion, entered for a promo with Kayla Braxton carrying out the interview within the ring. Liv Morgan had her left arm in a brace to promote the assault from Rousey. Cole mentioned that Morgan is the one girl to overcome Rousey two times.

Kayla discussed Ronda snapped after her loss to Morgan, so she requested what used to be on Liv’s thoughts. Liv mentioned she used to be feeling such a lot of other feelings. Liv mentioned she sought after to handle the elephant within the room as some lovers chanted “you tapped out” at her. Morgan mentioned that this championship method the entirety to her and it’s why she used to be in a position to resist armbar after armbar. Some lovers have been booing her. Morgan mentioned she tapped after she idea that the referee counted 3. There used to be an interruption from Sonya Deville.

Sonya mentioned that Morgan can do her blameless act for those other people and a few will purchase it as a result of they’re dumb. Sonya mentioned that Liv shouldn’t be the champion. Sonya used to be glad that Ronda were given her palms on Liv after Rousey used to be screwed over. Sonya ripped on Adam Pearce for being unhealthy at his activity. Sonya mentioned she preferred seeing Liv harm. Sonya mentioned she’ll win the Gauntlet Fit after which she’ll remove the Smackdown Ladies’s Identify at Conflict on the Fortress.

Research: The lovers have been a little bit onerous on Morgan there. I didn’t in point of fact be expecting that since she’s the noble babyface whilst Rousey got here throughout because the heel, however the lovers have been vocal towards Morgan.

Aliyah made her front as a part of the Gauntlet Fit. Liv Morgan used to be staring at the fit from ringside.

Gauntlet Fit #1: Sonya Deville vs. Aliyah

Deville with an elbow knockdown adopted by means of a working knee. They ran off the ropes resulting in Deville hitting a spinebuster. Aliyah with a jawbreaker to get out of a chinlock. Aliyah with a Thesz Press with punches adopted by means of a springboard pass frame block for 2. Deville despatched Aliyah into the center rope. Deville hit a opposite DDT with a punch to the intestine for the pinfall win. It used to be about two mins.

Aliyah used to be eradicated.

Gauntlet Fit #2: Sonya Deville vs. Raquel Rodriguez

Rodriguez used to be competitive with punches adopted by means of a clothesline. Deville with a chop block adopted by means of a bulldog into the mat. Sonya with a chinlock, Raquel were given out of that and hit kick to knock Deville down. Raquel hit an elbow drop off the turnbuckle. Rodriguez hit the Texana Bomb for the pinfall to get rid of Deville.

Sonya Deville used to be eradicated.

Shotzi made her front because the display went to damage.


Gauntlet Fit #3: Raquel Rodriguez vs. Shotzi

Shotzi carried out an stomach stretch as they confirmed a replay of Shotzi hitting a DDT all through the wreck. Raquel hit a fallaway slam around the ring adopted by means of the elbow drop off the center rope. Raquel hit the Texana Bomb for the pinfall win.

Shotzi used to be eradicated.

Gauntlet Fit #4: Raquel Rodriguez vs. Xia Li

Li were given no response from the gang. Li with kicks to the legs adopted by means of a working dropkick. Li stomped at the again of the left leg. Li with a part crab submission running at the leg some extra. Li shoved Raquel within the face, so Raquel headbutted her. Raquel stuck Li in her fingers resulting in a fallaway slam and the spinning elbow drop off the center rope. Raquel with the Texana Bomb for the pinfall win.

Xia Li used to be eradicated.

Gauntlet Fit #5: Raquel Rodriguez vs. Natalya

Natalya straight away went after the injured left knee with a chop block. Natalya carried out a submission stretching the legs. Raquel fought out of it with punches, then they rolled via and Raquel hit a suplex for 2. Natalya got here again with the Sharpshooter, however Raquel were given to the ground rope to power the wreck. Natalya went after Raquel with punches towards the turnbuckle and Raquel got here again with some other Texana Bomb for the pinfall.

Natalya used to be eradicated.

Shayna Baszler used to be up subsequent because the ultimate girl within the gauntlet.

Research: It used to be a dominant appearing by means of Raquel Rodriguez. The group didn’t reply to it that a lot, but it surely did get well when she hit the Texana Bomb all through each and every fit.


Gauntlet Fit #6: Raquel Rodriguez vs. Shayna Baszler

Baszler used to be competitive running at the left arm of Raquel whilst Baszler stared at Morgan. Raquel ignored a nook assault, Baszler were given an inside of cradle and a knee to the face for 2. Baszler jumped at the again, Raquel slammed her down and hit a nook splash. Raquel went for the elbow off the ropes, however Baszler stuck her. Baszler went for a Kirifuda Take hold of choke submission, Raquel were given to the ropes and Baszler hung on by means of going for pin makes an attempt. When Raquel attempted to battle off Baszler’s dangle, Baszler held her across the waist and bridged her toes virtually like a German Suplex place. Baszler used to be ableto stay Raquel down for a 3 rely resulting in a pinfall for the win after 22 mins.

Winner of the Gauntlet Fit: Shayna Baszler

Research: **1/2 I believe it used to be simply a median Gauntlet Fit. Baszler took benefit of Raquel having a look drained after being within the ring for a very long time, so Baszler discovered a method to beat her with out making Raquel having a look susceptible. It’s now not in point of fact a marvel that Baszler would get booked smartly with Triple H working ingenious since she had lengthy reigns as an NXT Ladies’s Champion two instances.

Shayna Baszler celebrated the win whilst watching Morgan. That’s the fit at Conflict on the Fortress. Cole mentioned that Shayna used to be the worst opponent for Liv because of her submission abilities. That is sensible.

Sami Zayn knocked at the Roman Reigns locker room door with The Usos speaking to him once more. Zayn complained about how they gave him the runaround all night time lengthy. Jey yelled about how Roman has two titles, they’ve 4 titles and if Sami doesn’t pull his weight round right here then they’ll make him take off that Bloodline blouse. Zayn used to be quiet as The Usos left.

Nonetheless to come back: Roman Reigns addresses Drew McIntyre.


The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) vs. Jim Mulkey & Tommy Gibson

Erik beat up each guys simply. Ivar with a nook splash, a frame slam after which Erik slammed Ivar onto Gibson. Ivar destroyed Gibson with elbows within the nook, Erik tagged in with a nook splash and a frame slam on Mulkey. Ivar delivered a entrance frame slam on Gibson off the center turnbuckle. The VR guys did a double Powerbomb on Mulkey onto Gibson. Erik pinned each guys on the identical time for the win. It went about two mins.

Winners by means of pinfall: The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar)

Research: 1/2* A squash fit to position over the Viking Raiders in a dominant manner.

Submit fit, Kofi went into the hoop with a kendo stick and beat up each Viking Raiders. The lovers cheered whilst chanting “Kofi” for Kingston.

Research: It used to be revenge for Kofi after VR took out Xavier Woods ultimate week.


Kofi Kingston vs. Erik (w/Ivar)

Erik delivered one among his emerging knees with a difficult slap to make a large number of noise, so Cole screamed about how devastating it used to be. Eric with a chinlock, Kofi fought out of it and delivered a kick to the face. Kofi up most sensible with a pass frame block for a two rely. Erik hit a uranage slam for a two rely. Erik with a complete nelson resulting in a knee to the again of the pinnacle for 2. Kofi got here again with a dropkick off the center ropes. Kofi despatched Erik to the ground, Kofi ran the ropes and hit a consider fall dive excessive onto Erik at the flooring. Kofi have shyed away from Ivar at the flooring and Erik hit a forearm. Again within the ring, Erik attempted a transfer, Kofi were given a ROLLUP OF DEATH~! for the pinfall win after 3 mins.

Winner by means of pinfall: Kofi Kingston

Research: * This feud simply is going on and on with one aspect profitable, then the opposite aspect will get the win again the next week and this time it used to be Kofi’s flip. That ROLLUP OF DEATH~! is so fatal.

It used to be discussed by means of Michael Cole that beginning Monday on Uncooked, there will probably be a match to crown the brand new Ladies’s Tag Crew Championships.

Research: It’s anticipated that Sasha Banks and Naomi are coming again to WWE. I don’t know if they’ll be on this match, however it might be a pleasing marvel to peer them be part of it.

Roman Reigns and The Usos made their front for the principle match phase. It used to be an extended stroll to the hoop. They went to damage.


A video aired in regards to the Intercontinental Champion Gunther.

Subsequent week on Smackdown: Gunther defends the Intercontinental Championship vs. Shinsuke Nakamura.

Let’s Pay attention from The Bloodline (Roman Reigns & The Usos)

Roman Reigns used to be within the ring together with his WWE and Common Identify whilst The Usos had their Uncooked & Smackdown Tag Crew Titles. Reigns held out his hand, so Jimmy passed him the microphone. The group used to be able for this.

Reigns: “Greenville, South Carolina…recognize me.” It ended in the standard cheers and boos along side a “Tribal Leader” chant. Reigns mentioned that you understand the deal as a result of they gained the massive one at SummerSlam and so they’re there to gloat about what they achieved. Reigns discussed Brock Lesnar pronouncing he hates him, however he respects that guy. Reigns mentioned he nonetheless hates Lesnar. Reigns mentioned that they hate Brock as a result of attempted to kill the Sensible Guy with Reigns pronouncing they don’t know when he’s coming again. Reigns mentioned he sought after to ship prayers as much as the Sensible Guy. Right here’s the interruption.

Drew McIntyre mentioned that if he didn’t interrupt then he is aware of Reigns would communicate till they’re off the air. I consider Drew referred to as him the “Tribal Queef” as an alternative of the Tribal Leader. Simply pronouncing. Drew requested South Carolina in the event that they sought after to peer him take down the Tribal Leader and the lovers have been cheering.

The lighting went all white within the construction as one of the lighting went out and it used to be Karrion Kross. That ended in Kross leaping McIntyre from at the back of. Kross despatched Drew into the metal steps. Kross adopted up with a working forearm to Drew’s again. Drew used to be out at the flooring. Cole screamed about how Karrion Kross used to be again. Kross used to be in a leather-based jacket and he’s were given a complete head of hair as an alternative of a shaved head glance.

Kross stared at Reigns whilst his spouse Scarlett had an hourglass together with her and he or she put it within the ring. Kross pointed at Reigns and at his wrist as though there used to be an eye fixed doing a “tick, tock” caution. Reigns used to be watching Kross whilst patting his Common Identify as though to mention that it’s his assets. The display ended with Kross watching Reigns.

Research: I believed we might get a disagreement between Reigns and McIntyre, however that didn’t occur due to the marvel go back of Kross. There have been rumors that Kross/Scarlett have been coming again and I’m satisfied that they’re there as a result of I believe they’re gifted performers. Kross isn’t the most productive in-ring performer, however he’s were given a just right glance and he’s plausible within the ring. Scarlett is without doubt one of the prettiest girl in wrestling, so it’s great to peer her as smartly. As I discussed, Kross and Scarlett are married. Anyway, it will have to result in McIntyre in need of to get revenge on Kross whilst Reigns could have to take care of Kross sooner or later. I believe it straight away places over Kross as a risk to those major eventers. As soon as once more, Kross is some other wrestler that Triple H in point of fact preferred in NXT and booked him smartly, so now we get to peer that at the major roster.


3 Stars of the Display

  1. Karrion Kross & Scarlett – Welcome again.
  2. Ricochet
  3. Shinsuke Nakamura


The Scoreboard

7 out of 10

Remaining week: 7.25


Ultimate Ideas

I believed it used to be a beautiful just right display this week. There have been some portions that have been a little bit gradual, however I preferred many of the suits. I believed the finishing used to be terrific with Karrion Kross and his spouse Scarlett returning to WWE with Kross attacking Drew McIntyre from at the back of whilst additionally threatening Roman Reigns. It positions Kross as a big risk shifting ahead. Clearly, it’s a Triple H transfer bringing again Kross, who used to be driven really well in NXT. I believe it’s a smart decision to make use of Kross/Scarlett this fashion.

They did a pleasing activity of getting some suits with stakes like Shinsuke Nakamura profitable his fit over Ludwig Kaiser to earn an Intercontinental Identify fit towards Gunther subsequent week. There used to be additionally Shayna Baszler profitable a Gauntlet Fit to stand Liv Morgan at Conflict on the Fortress. Suits with stakes the place the winners are rewarded is what we need to see extra of. That’s the correct manner of reserving.

For the folks that sought after Sasha Banks & Naomi to go back, it didn’t occur this week on Smackdown. I believe it’s coming very quickly. I’m additionally satisfied that there’s a Ladies’s Tag Crew Identify match beginning on Uncooked.

The following WWE Top rate Reside Match is Conflict on the Fortress from Cardiff, Wales on Saturday, September 3. Right here’s what we all know to this point.

* Undisputed WWE Common Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

* Smackdown Ladies’s Championship: Liv Morgan (c) vs. Shayna Baszler

You’ll watch WWE Conflict on the Fortress, streaming are living Saturday, September 3, at 1pm ET/10am PT on Peacock in america and on WWE Community all over else.


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